Moto Guzzi V65 (1981). Tangible memory for Ruben

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The life of a classic car enthusiast is not always easy. Ruben could tell us enthusiastically about the art of enjoyment and about his key adventures on his Moto Guzzi V65. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The photo shows his completely restored 65 Moto Guzzi V1981 that has found a place in his living room. For him, the possession is irresistible, because the bike is a reminder of his good friend who died at a young age. He and his friend spent countless hours tinkering with this bike and when the sun showed itself more often, they set off together. 

Sporty chic look 

Ruben: "For me this Italian engine has a sporty chic look, but I can honestly say that the smile regularly disappeared due to the many failures that often caused the engine to stop." 

5 years of shutdown 

Would it be a cast-off now? The bike was outdoors for no less than five years and the elements were now given free rein. But, surprisingly, the Moto Guzzi did not give in and held on to a new life. That is why the friend decided to give the engine to Ruben, who unfortunately did not immediately find the time to put his time and energy into the restoration. 


But after some time - as a process of his death - and also as a tribute to his good friend, Ruben started the job, which took no less than 1,5 years. You could also put it this way: The desire to restore the engine had been present for a long time and slowly took shape to take the engine apart down to the last screw and bring it into museum condition. It will not surprise you that this has now become a 'storage type'. A memory that is tangible in his living room every day.


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  1. Hello, Habe auch eine V65 BJ 1985 und möchte die Sitzbank und das Heckumbauen so who Ruben es gemacht hat ! Gefallt mir sehr gut. Würde mich um eine Kontaktaufnahme Diesbezüglich sehr freuen!

  2. Have the exact same. V65gt. Mine is a bit rusty under the tarpaulin .. they have strange faults indeed. Last a bang on the right when starting my carburettor was off. Haha, just put it back on and tightened.

    Nice tribute. I also often think of my deceased motorcycle-crazy father. Am 53 and soon hip surgery. So life is never eternal for anyone. Neither are engines. Enjoy it

  3. I enjoyed riding a guzzi sessantacinque 10 gt for 650 years. It was a great bike that I enjoyed a lot. My compliments how beautiful V65 has been restored by Ruben and that he can also have a lot of driving pleasure with it. Best regards. Marcel de Zwart

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