Motorcycle clothing: The best overalls are made of breech leather

Motorcycle clothing
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Motorcycle clothing: "The best overalls are made of bump leather"

That was a story in the style of "Get a box of spark plugs" or: "Look for the brakes for me." But the explanation about the bounce phenomenon was clear. Leather is not waterproof. Except the leather then came from the back of a cow. Wasn't that clear? Because when it rains, the cows in the meadow stand with their ass against the rain.

On the road you see the acorns: acorns that had fallen from the trees and acorns on racing bikes, dressed in black cow leather overalls. "Sit like a glove, sir." Yes, that is logical, because there had been a cow in it before.

Some people are quite critical of our passion. So be it.

But that criticism does justice to leather motorcycle clothing. Okay: leather is increasingly being replaced by textile suits full of membranes and ventilation systems. With all high-tech developments, these ensure that you as a motorcyclist are protected against just about everything, including the feeling of being in the open air.

Yet a leather motorcycle suit is still a perfect choice if it fits well and is not too spacious. Usually such a suit is made of cow leather. But for a handful of euros more you have one from kangaroo leather. That is thinner, stronger and of course you always have an extra side pocket in such an overall. Leather is a kind of natural product. The stuff therefore only gets its optimum lifetime with proper maintenance. And if you don't fall for it. The maintenance of leather mainly consists of keeping the former cow packaging clean and flexible. That is of vital importance for leather. A few years ago someone found an old leather motorcycle jacket. The thing had been folded there for decades. When unfolded ... Broke the jacket. Even when there is no more beef in it, cow skin must be kept supple,

Equestrian equipment

And despite all the Dutch frugality, it is smart to just buy good things for that. You will find these cleaning and maintenance products at your motor-cycle. Or you can stalk a local horse girl to her favorite riding school to see what the horse people are using to keep saddles, halters and whatever else their harness is called. In the more rural areas there are then shops for equestrian supplies that offer just as much leather care products as a beauty salon has face creams on sale.

NOTE: You should never iron or dry leather motorcycle clothing at a heat source!

Motorcycle clothing made of leather can consist of two different types: smooth leather and rough leather. These types of leather are easy to distinguish. Smooth leather is leather with a smooth surface (smooth grain). Rough leather is in fact cow leather that is lightly sanded on the grain side (the top). Rugged leather is more delicate and sensitive than smooth leather. This makes rough leather more difficult to clean than smooth leather and requires extra care.

You can maintain leather motorcycle clothing by impregnating it after cleaning. This means that you apply a coating to the motorcycle clothing, making it waterproof and water-repellent. This coating must be reapplied after every cleaning to keep the motorcycle clothing watertight and water-repellent. But cleaning comes first.

Smooth leather motorcycle clothing should be cleaned with a soft brush or wet cloth after each ride.

Stubborn dirt, such as dried fly residues, must be removed with water and a leather cleaner. The same applies to the maintenance of leather gloves and boots or shoes.


A complete cleaning once a month ensures that the leather lasts longer. Smooth leather motorcycle clothing must be washed by hand. With a little green soap and a soft cloth you can remove the dirt. We do not recommend washing the motorcycle clothing in the washing machine. The leather clothing is not intended for this and will wear out quickly.


Keep the leather away from the heating and the sun, and let the leather dry at room temperature. It takes a few days for the leather to dry. With rough leather, the leather fibers are often stuck after drying. Once dried, the leather must be stretched, kneaded and brushed in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Another option is 15 to 30 minutes inside out in the tumble dryer. The garment must be turned cold without heat air.

The after treatment

When the leather is cleaned and dry, treat it with a care product, such as a degreaser, to maintain smooth leather. This keeps the leather supple and retains its breathability. Perforated leather is not recommended for using leather fat. Because of the holes the fat cannot be completely absorbed by the leather. The result that you get when you do, are dirty, clogged perforation holes

This cleaning treatment is also suitable for storing clothing for the winter break. When the motorcycle clothing enters the closet, it is important that it is hung in a dry wardrobe, not on a hook in the shed.

                                               And that was really an advertisement for Davida motorcycle clothing



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