Motorcycle clothing in the summer

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Motorcycle clothingMotorcycle clothing in the summer. That is quite a thing nowadays. To combine Absolute Freedom with 100% road safety, today's motorcyclists sweat around even at 30 degrees in motorcycle clothing that old school motorcyclists think: "Then buy a car".

Of course motorcycling, the traffic is very different from then. But we sincerely feel sorry for the motorcyclists who no longer feel the wind in their faces. Those who are not touring around in jeans and T-shirt enjoy the caress of the summer wind and the scents that still blow over the smaller roads here in the Netherlands. But because "Every advantage ..."

In his younger days, fellow villager Gerrit was on suitors' feet. It went fine, because he had already been introduced to his Lief's parents and went there on a warm summer's day to pick up his girl for a day at the wildly mundane beaches along the IJssel. Sun, ranja and a beer plus the chance of a stolen kiss. How much more beautiful can life be?

Gerrit stepped out on his motorbike in shorts and a shirt, happy. The ride was everything you could expect from a beautiful summer motorcycle ride. Until a wasp came and flew into Gerrits shorts. Where the wasp arrived there was so shocked, the story does not mention, but he stuck Gerrit in his family jewels.

The last end of the ride was in growing discomfort. With his almost in-laws, the difference between then and now became very clear.

Because they were sympathized with that, but the use of old home remedies against wasp stings was not possible because it was unthinkable that an unmarried man in the presence of his dear and future in-laws would reveal noble parts that had meanwhile assumed an impressive format for inspection. . Well, everything ended up alright. But Gerrit has never again worn shorts on the motorcycle.

And what we are doing in the meantime? We also sometimes ride in shorts. No matter how warm that piece of iron between the calves is. But of course we only do that if we are sure that we will not fall that day.


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  1. Nice photo of the cb 750, with rider in clothing, from plus minus the 70 years.
    It was normal, almost everyone drove around like that, but you always have to be careful on a motorcycle.
    If you went on your plate, you were more meatball than man!
    In the past everything was possible
    Now there is nothing more
    Because the streets and highways unfortunately don't allow it anymore.
    People are like ants, they are about to appear.

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