Motorcyclists. The eternal life

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When we look in our respective mirrors? Then we see young gods steaming with energy. Why the rest of the world is getting older? No idea.

In any case, there is currently a nice group of motorcycle enthusiasts who is getting older, playing in injury time or, let's put it for what it is, has died quite a bit.

And let that be just the men (we don't know any female collectors, do you?) Who had their most dynamic days when everything cost nothing, even though they had some guilders to spend (who knows them?). At that time, fantastic collections were set up. It was at the time that income was not yet digitally regulated. There was some black money among the people because the government had not yet invented the Coronavirus and most of the then legal wives received household money and had no idea what happened to the rest of the money. Many men at the time were what they called "secret writers" in the east of the country. And in that approach they were quite consistent. For example, a recent elderly widow really did not know that her deceased husband had a collection of almost 200 (!) Classic mopeds.

Because quite a few of those purchases got out of hand

Due to a lack of space, this usually did not happen in the Randstad, but it already started at the edges of the Randstad. After all, there was more space there. For example, a few years ago we were in Limburg with an already elderly person who had about 100+ motorcycles and a dozen cars - including two Lamborghinis. Some of the motorcycles were in top condition. But the other sixty to eighty took a little to a little bit of a lot of work. And the Lambos had been standing for so long that they had to separate completely. Spoiler alert: All that restoration and preparation has never happened. The collector has since died, but we understand that the collection is in any case a kind of saved. Getting the whole stuff in order is good for another generation.

Some of those collections whose elderly owners are still alive are known within certain circles

And from those circles the health of the collectors is seriously monitored. As the men get older they get even more 'friends'. That is friendship from an investment vision. Is that simple? Is that smart? In any case, it creates a run-up for people who would otherwise be a lot more lonely.

If a copy from such a collection is ever changed hands, then such an engine is in any case saved. By a genuine enthusiast or an attentive trader.

Anything is better than what happened to the six classic Britons of a friend of a friend

After that collector's death, neither widow nor children were interested in the old stuff. The called old iron farmer did not think further either and loaded the engines plus another load of 'old iron' with his hydraulic crane in a container. And so at least a Norville Commando disappeared from history.

On the other hand, there was the local helping his new neighbors clean an old barn. Behind the debris were a 350 cc DKW and a BMW R68. Gradus was given a crate of beer to help clear the shed. Plus the DKW. And the BMW.

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