MotoShare: A kind of Airbnb for motorcyclists


Born from the demand of motorcyclists who wanted to orient themselves in peace about a purchase. And already a broad communication and rental platform from and for private motorcycle enthusiasts. And classic owners and enthusiasts are also welcome.

The question is: would you rent out your classic?

Many classics are so user-friendly that no training or course is required to enjoy them. But it is of course the confidence question that arises. And 'we' classic enthusiasts are usually still of 'cherishing' instead of 'sharing'.
But still: if you see how many classic motorbikes, sidecars and cars are already rented and rented for festivities such as weddings, then apparently there is a supply and demand. Even if the owner only rents out his sidecar combination 'with driver'.

The risk of acting in confidence

When renting from private to private, there are quite a few snags in insurance, damage and possible settlement area. And it can go pretty wrong there. Then usually both sides sit with the baked pears. With MotoShare as a connection, such a rental / rental transaction is covered in a professional manner in the event of damage. And the idea is not so much that the participants in this platform immediately become friends for life, but that there will be communication from mutual interest that is the icing on the cake. Because then knowledge and passion can be shared.

Taste and talk

Riding on the motorcycle 'from another' gives a surprising perspective. You can experience such a motorcycle without having to deal with - even the suggestion - of a sales strategy on the landlord side. You can have a pleasant contact with the owner of the motorcycle in sharing his experiences. You can keep friends. And so come perfectly prepared when you go to the market to buy your dream bike.

But MotoShare is also the ideal platform for people who just want to ride and people who want to give their motorcycles a little more kilometers. Because motorcycles suffer the most from standing.

Budgetically, the approach of MotoShare is friendly

And the professionalism of the organization plus the protection of the landlord are secured by working together with a few very serious players such as OHRA insurance and, the company that has brought the motorcycle and the Internet together successfully and globally.

Thousands of transactions have already been done via MotoShare and the MotoShare concept will soon be rolled out internationally.

And more providers are welcome.
This also applies to people who want to give their classic motorbike a little more mileage, reduce their costs and meet other enthusiasts

And that seems like a friendly approach.


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