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MV Agusta 750S
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And if you say there at Gallery Aaldering: “I'll make it with you: I'll give the new price for it!” Then you will probably be offered a cup of coffee. Because son and father Aaldering appreciate a sense of humor. But what would you bid on such an MV Agusta 750S? Such a machine is 225 (Italian) km/h fast. And where can you still drive that?

There is one bike that consistently rises above the contentious noise of what is now the absolute all-time top classic. And even the most idiosyncratic of collectors agree that this one has earned a place high in the top two: the MV Agusta 750S.

MV Agusta introduced the 750S in 1969. Take a greedy look at the phenomenal MV Agusta 750S, definitive proof that Italians have turned futility into art.

The impressive MV was a direct descendant of the machines the factory had raced with. And with that, passionate – and wealthy – motorcycle enthusiasts were given the opportunity to own machines they'd seen John Surtees, Phil Read, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini ride in road and track races.

The sky is the line

The MV Agusta 750S spearheaded an era of sporty, performance motorcycles that took sex appeal and two-wheeled rebellion to new heights. Motorcycling changed from a weakness for people without money for a car into a lifestyle, a fetish.

The MV Agusta 750S, in an impressive display of brawn and beauty, had four cylinders breathing their mixture through four individual carburettors, each fitted with a polished suction cup with an impressive throat diameter.

Most evocative, however, was the exhaust system, which ran back along the length of the machine into the four individual chrome tailpipes and megaphone mufflers.

The engine delivered 69 specified horses, which trotted to the rear wheel via five gears and shaft drive. The ungainly elegant-looking Italian was more than 200 km/h fast with it. An enormous drum brake with four ascending brake shoes provided the stopping power. The sportiness was emphasized by clip-ons mounted under the headset. The high rearset set back completed the race stance.

The intention of MV Agusta was undeniable.

The company focused entirely on addressing serious, discerning enthusiasts who are willing to pay serious for a proven racing pedigree.

The MV Agusta 750S was the counterpart of the civilian two-wheeled transport. And served to recreate the magic and daring inherent in the big motorcycle dream. The eventual demise, and subsequent resurrection, of MV Agusta has only confirmed the value — monetary, historical, and emotional — of the surviving 750S machines. As a result, their status as one of the most sought-after motorcycles among collectors has been secured until the end of days.

Such a machine cost no less than 1972 guilders in 14.000

And we knew someone who worked two jobs at once for three years, all the while eating only potatoes, beans, and ground beef and neglecting the pub as if the devil lived there. But then he could also go to the MV dealer with a sturdy cigar box full of cash to say: "Give me that..."

At Gallery Aaldering there are still two…
An advertisement by Vos from Oss. Motor Weekly, March 10, 1972


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  1. Those Yamaha Belgarda 660 with 250 cc road race frame were super bikes to fly extremely flat and hard through the bend. Have had a red SZR 660 myself, man what a handlebar bike, front tire on the edge and knee and elbow on the ground with bends. Delicious. Shouldn't have gotten rid of the bike then. But regret is what the goat shits.

  2. Once in my motor home safe time we already had three and then the fourth came to exchange, what can I do with such a loft, not another one please, that's how it went back then, you bought them for an apple and an egg.

  3. That story about that filled cigar box (presumably for at least 200 pieces of bolknak) rings a bell. A saver from Brabant if I have it; Not so long ago I thought about how this MV enthusiast has fared, but in combination with the bicycle of course. Too bad that 'Italian', very limited edition, exclusively expensive, ugly as the MV600 but sexy, does not apply to the amazing Belgarda 660 – or did I sell it too early?

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