The Neckar St. Trop

Before legislation and computer work removed the freedom of design from the car world ... Then as a craftsman you could just go about it.

No crumple zones, no crash tests, just your sense of beauty and enthusiasm. That was sufficient.

The Neckar St. Trop, the convertible developed by OSI on the basis of FIAT 1100, dates from that wonderfully carefree time, which you can see in AMK's number 7, the July issue.

In that story you can also read how this Italo French convertible got its German name and nameplate. 'Brussels' could not agree with that anymore either.

A maximum of twenty will have been built. You will not see them in dozens at Het Loo this weekend. And the copy in AMK is an original copy delivered in NL.

And in terms of 'based on' we would also like to introduce you to the result that Vignale presented in 1965 based on the good A Kadett ...

You can find more information about the July issue at this link.

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