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steam cleaning: forNowadays, hardly anyone smokes anymore. And that must have been the case in the past. We get that idea in any case when we board almost every classic car.

That impression is of course unjustified. But it certainly seems that way. We found out why.

Because what we mean by cleaning our cars is what the professionals laugh about. They use serious tools to make the interior of a car completely fresh again: steam under high pressure and ion-working Steam cleaning: NA

air purifiers / odor destroyers. No odors are masked, they are seriously destroyed.

It is of course nice to know that Lamers Equipment, a family business that has been around for forty + years, is from Zelhem in the Achterhoek, and imports that type of tool. But the prices of these professional, industrial cleaning equipment are usually far above our private budgets.

A steam cleaner with the impressive name Technovap Steamcleaner, Lamers Equipment"Junior Star Max, 8 bar" can easily cost five or five years ... At the Blokker we already saw steam cleaners for € 39,50

Steam cleaning is suitable for Steam extraction is suitable for: The entire dashboard including navigation, door panels, rebates, ventilation grilles, skylights, fabric upholstery and mats, stain removal, cleaning leather upholstery and windows.

On the outside, steam cleaners are suitable for all lacquered parts (Due to the high temperature, the pores open and lacquered parts are thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned. In many cases, the clays of a car become unnecessary.), Emblems, grilles, unpainted plastic parts , door seals, sheet metal edges, chrome parts, the engine compartment, wheel arches, wheel suspension components, spring packages, all seams, cracks and corners and cabriolet covers.

What is important is that with a very small amount of water, a steam cleaner cleanses and disinfects to the depth and the dirt is then immediately sucked out of the fabric or material.

Lamers Equipment Clean Air AOPAnd an odor-based odor-eater - which is a kind of 3.0 ozone generator - that can be used afterwards eliminates not only fungal spores and airborne micro-organisms but also all nasty odors in the interior. Scents are not masked with it, but actually destroyed.

And allowed uw If you can still smell a classic too authentic, you can usually go to a Focwa affiliated car cleaning company or the specialist in your area that you know and trust. You usually spend € 60-80 for steam cleaning an interior. An odor removal session with ozone or with the AOP process with those free, human-friendly ions costs about the same.

Thanks to Lamers Equipment, www.lamersequipment.nl


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