A new classic program or old food?

Classic program
Then the cameraman was still on the roof

A new classic program. That sounds good right? But in fact it is about how positive contempt can turn out

From a zapping fellow man we got the tip on RTL to have a look at 'Stop police' or something like that. We are never too bad to follow a tip and so once sat down in front of the seepage tube.

There we saw all kinds of law-breaking road users filmed from civilian police cars. The offenders usually drove too fast, passed continuous areas and happily swam over expulsion surfaces. In the shot from the police car, all kinds of data are included in the viewing angles. Where under year and date. It turns out that RTL treats its viewers (how many there are) to recordings that are partly more than twenty (1998) years old. Apparently it's summer season or something now. Then nobody watches TV anyway and the tube has to be filled for as little guilders as possible. RECOVERY: euros. So a trainee M / F is chased to the archive and 'hoppa!' A piece of new voice over about it, we have a program again

Everything used to be different

Positive as we are, however, we dreamed away at the stories about fines in the so-called 'Guldens' and the completely different traffic image of two decades ago. Most of the cars on those videos will now be holder-free. Time goes that fast. And we suddenly saw sales & marketing opportunities for bakers and restaurant owners: 'Old bread and warmed up mash'. Does not matter. Look at Beware Police! (Or whatever it may be called) and make a time travel through mobile Netherlands.

We once looked in our archive and saw that for Stop! Law enforcement! even though everything went wrong on the public road.


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