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Esso tank truck'Dealer' models Editions Atlas has the rights to reproduce old Dinky Toys. The Panhard Movic Esso tank truck in the most recent addition to that program. A curse for collectors of The Real Stuff, but heart-breaking for uninhibited nostalgic people.

The Panhard Movic Esso appeared in 1954 and was an instant success. Children combined it with the Esso Dinky ™ Toys gas station that operated their scale models and with the miniature garages where the cars were repaired ... even though this vehicle was originally intended for airports: as the Esso logo indicates with its wings, this tank truck transported kerosene airplanes.

Reproduced in scale 1: 55
Like most Dinky ™ Toys trucks of that time, the Panhard Movic Esso fits perfectly with the passenger cars of Dinky ™ Toys, which were manufactured in scales ranging from 1: 43 to 1: 48.

And that for only 6 euro 90. For that money there are also 4 pages of text and a Certificate of Authenticity. Sometimes you just have to embrace China Ware. But do it in moderation.

Because buying Chinese goods often results in disappointments and in the long term is deadly for our own country.
But we overlook this in connection with Sinterklaas & Christmas.

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The September issue, containing:

  • Purchase advice Mercedes-Benz SL R129
  • The Tomaso Longchamp
  • Fiat Panda 1000 L ie.
  • Traffic in the Netherlands in the XNUMXs and before
  • NSU Maxi from 1962
  • Yamaha FJ1200
  • Duplicate type designations - Part XVII
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The perfect reading material for an evening or more of undisturbed dreaming. It is now in stores. A subscription is of course better, because then you will no longer miss a number and you are also € 27 cheaper. Not bad in these expensive times.

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