New opportunities for us, classic enthusiasts!

In the meantime, even a neat BX is a car that is no longer debited. In fact: the prices are on the rise
ER Classics Desktop 2022

The offer is generous. The question not so. Beautiful!

We can be clear in this: That crisis thing is taking a good turn. In which? In our sense of well-being. We're getting scared ... And FEAR! is the strongest emotion we humans have.

We let opportunities run! Chances for luck! Affordable opportunities!

Stiffen from FEAR!, being paralyzed by FEAR!. And all because we are being manipulated and robbed by the Higher Powers.

In the meantime, so many people go for the FEAR! of tomorrow forgot to live today. And so they turn the partially affected and talked-about crisis into their own. They are paralyzed watching the screen like a rabbit in front of the headlights.

FEAR!  is a bigger motivator than sex. The FEAR! not having sex scores high too. But that aside.

Many people fill their days with FEAR! and they miss their chances of doing fun things.

Buy a classic for example.

Just to summarize: 50% of the masterpieces go abroad.Of that 50%, another 50% goes to Germany. They are not bought by enthusiasts but by investors. Consider amounts above the 50.000 euro. Far up there.

Nowadays little chance of restoration. At most as a potential "chassis donor."

Investors who have thought that they want something solid when the euro falls or if the interest rates remain so low. The advantage is that classics like that are retained.

The endearingly lived-in cars go to the blast furnaces. There are more than people who want and can restore them. Kil calculated they are emotionally and economically depreciated. All the more so because the number of handy addresses and smart keys has dropped considerably in the last ten to twenty years. At the time, classic ownership was a passion with all the necessary investments in hours and greasy hands.

Classic driving was not a 'lifestyle', not an 'experience'. It was just fun. And that it took time and money? Great anyway!

And in that nice corner, scoring is fantastic. Because where the top pieces have become unaffordable and the refurbishing have become undesirable, there is another one

Certainly not perfect. 100% can be used. On LPG. And very nice! For less!

huge range of 'neat classics'. The cars of your youth. Your father's car. Cars that, before the crisis, were usually bought by enthusiasts. And many, too many of those enthusiasts are now paralyzed "FEAR!"

That puts a lot of pressure on the market. It is very annoying for a trader to have to rename his trading stock to 'his collection'. After all, the trader's family must also eat? And what could be worse for a father than to hear his daughter ask with big question: "Daddy, what is that" chocolate? 'Not to mention the impossibility of helping your kids with their education by giving them a smartphone ...

That situation gives us the chance to negotiate to the bone - with respect for the trader.


We can even become a driver. Oval racing is great fun and costs virtually nothing

We can buy a few classes better than before the crisis. And we also pay less for it. We have the car for that money

actually always wanted to have against the most attractive preconditions. Even in terms of depreciation, owning a neat classic is a party. The police only stop you to enjoy the car for a while. Road guards flash their thumbs flashing. You will find your car right back at Ikea's parking lot and out of responsibility towards your family, a fat American is important because he devalues ​​all the lease look around him to crumple zones. And with a Renault 8 you can park in places where the residents would otherwise only have space for their Klikobak.



Damn it! what are you still there? Immediately browse the online advertisements on this site or in the printed AMK! For your own good!


In the meantime, even a neat BX is a car that is no longer debited. In fact: the prices are on the rise




Classic driving is as much fun as ever. But never been that feasible!









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  1. Nice piece! Buying a nice Volvo 240, 740 or 940 is a wise investment. The maintenance costs are manageable and they last a very long time. Better than an expensive modern car, the maintenance or repair of which will soon be very expensive.

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