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The youngest recognized classics now date from 1987. They are 25 years young and can therefore last for years. Take a look at how many Austin Healeys from the sixties are still running around bravely.

Classic. Yet quite modern

That is also easy with 1987'er Ford Thunderbird, an Aston Martin Lagonda or a Volvo 340'je? Perhaps. Because from the mid-1980s, electronics and injection systems were on the rise ...
These developments made cars better. And it made them more difficult to service, because the garage mechanic now needed more measuring tools than his Universal meter and caliper. But everything went smoothly and the garage owners learned to deal with the latest developments.

These developments can make our hobby a bit more difficult for us. Apart from the fact that a hobbyist does not get involved in injection systems that quickly with a revision kit for his Solex or Dell 'Orto carburetors, it is still the electronics that can break it up. And then we are not thinking of something that is generally accepted and thoroughly reliable, such as electronic ignition. We shiver our shoulders with the electronics on board, for example, Aston Martins Lagonda. It was so high-tech that it was assembled ex-works under the control of a medium and that quality control fell under the law on gambling. And if anyone still knows about it? Whether parts can still be purchased?

Fortunately, there are now a few specialists But here the problem is clearly visibleable to repair auto electronics from the first generations.

Fortunately we do not all have a Lagonda.

But there is something that we are increasingly confronted with and that is soluble. Soluble for us: hobbyists! Yes! What are we talking about?

The mysterious tragedy of the multi connectors
In the past, cable trees had the consistency of spaghetti. Connections, connections and others Back to basicdistress was soldered, screwed and / or plugged. And remember that the now widely used AMP plugs were once just as revolutionary as the tie wraps that you can now get almost everywhere for nothing. One hundred years of automobile construction has taught us that plug connections can in any case be susceptible to malfunction.

We somehow forgot that when cable harnesses became tight, serious things full of multi-connectors. A colorful tight bundle of threads in one end, an ditto on the other side out. But to slide together in a way. And the plug blocks click into each other suckingly and are protected from separation by locking hooks. What can go wrong?

A lot. Because those multiconnectors tend to build up an internal resistance through corrosion and other distress over the years. In addition, the wire connections in the plugs can come loose or partially come loose due to years of fine vibrations or intermediate disconnections. And because that all happens within the protection of the plug blocks, you will not see it during a routine optical check. But with the second fallen voltage regulator you start thinking. Go check everything very carefully.

Then you loosen all those multi's and spray them with contact spray, you blow them off with the full 12 bar of your compressor. And then it goes well. The engine starts better. Dashboard lighting seems to burn brighter ... And voltage regulator number three gives up the ghost.

To make a long story short: the misery became visible on the wire side of the multi connectors. Views of the small insertion openings revealed blackish-struck insulation ends. And when checking wire by wire, a dynamo wire suddenly came loose from its plug. So he wasn't stuck for a while.

Scoring new, original multi-connectors turned out to be quite a job. So the other approach was chosen: the multi-plugs went out. The whole thing was connected with new AMP plugs.

Not original, but very functional.

And so worth considering.

But of course there are also separate multi-connector sets for sale

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