Upcoming Saturday: Cars and Coffee at Hofman in Leek

Recently we have regularly informed you about the Techno Classica in Essen, a wonderful event. But the classic car enthusiast / owner has many more opportunities to let the classic blood flow faster. Now that the classic car season is gradually taking root deeper into the year 2016, the period of various Cars & Coffee events is starting again. One of those meetings in this setting is the version organized by Hofman Classic and Sportscars: Cars and Coffee Leek.

Last year the event experienced a successful first year. The reactions had a particularly enthusiastic charge. Hofman Classic and Sportscars has therefore decided to organize a number of meetings again this year. The first edition of 2016 will take place this Saturday. 5 versions will follow up to and including September, which will always be organized on the second Saturday of the month. The second edition (14-5) will coincide with the technical inspection for the Grunniger Krougn Rally. The inspection takes place in Hofman's workshop in Leek.

Everyone is welcome
The goal is accessible and simple: enjoy special cars, exchange strong stories and share great experiences with other enthusiasts. And all while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee! Everyone with a nice and / or special car is more than welcome. Whether it is a classic, a young timer or a brand new copy, it is of secondary importance. In addition, the meeting is not proprietary. The owner of an 2CV is just as welcome as the holder of - for example - a brand new Jaguar XE. It is the owners' experiences that make the character!

More Info
The first for Saturday 9 April next between 10.00 and 13.00 at Hofman Classic & Sportscars at the Rodenburg 1 in Leek. Registration is not required but is appreciated, you can reach us via; or reach by phone at; 0594-516604. There are no costs associated with this event!

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