Next Tuesday second trial trial of the Autobelangen Foundation against the State

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In the fight against the current old-timer scheme, the second trial against the State will take place on March 17 in Haarlem. As you know, the Car Interests Foundation has initiated five processes as part of the fight against the current MRB rules for old-timers. Van Balen's business serves in the North Holland capital. He is the owner of a Landrover Defender with a diesel engine in the front. 

The second trial will take place in Haarlem on Tuesday. Key players: Mike van Balen and his Landrover Defender Diesel. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover
The second trial will take place in Haarlem on Tuesday. Key players: Van Balen and his Landrover Defender Diesel. Photo: Jaguar Land Rover

Train traveler with Landrover Defender Diesel as a hobby
Van Balen uses his Defender as a hobby object. The legendary off-road vehicle with self-ignition is hardly ever used by its owner as a daily driver. The Haarlemmer is an avid train traveler. For the few kilometers that Van Balen drives with his car, he now pays - as a result of the current MRB rules - € 160 per month. That is the second candidate in the series of test processes - which his car mainly uses for "mountain-to-mountain" trips - too much.


€ 2.000 for 5.000 kilometers per year
He recently reported to the Autobelangen Foundation “it is too crazy for words to have to pay almost € 5.000 for a maximum of 2.000 kilometers per year”. The resulting high kilometer price and the fact that the Landrover Defender is demonstrably used for hobby purposes will be the spearheads in the second test process. “We will go all out on Tuesday”, said Wouter van Embden of the Autobelangen Foundation. "We will see to what extent the judge deals with this case and background."


Fascinating development
The second test process is an interesting step in the fight against the current MRB rules. The case that will be served in Haarlem next Tuesday has a different substantive character than the first trial process. Arjan Lenoir with his BMW 535i from 1985 was the focus. This car - for the law a motor vehicle on petrol - is eligible for the transitional arrangement. This arrangement does not apply to vintage diesel engines that are younger than forty. For that reason too, the old-timer supporters will be eagerly awaiting new arguments that will be introduced by the defendant (State / Tax Authorities) within the walls of the Haarlem court.

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