Beautiful scale model for fans of fast Opel cars: the Corsa GSi from Ottomobile

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For some time now, the Ottomobile, which specializes in beautiful miniatures, has been offering a scale model of a car that joined small speed devils in the second half of the 1980s. It is an 18 times reduced copy of a hot hatch that appealed to the imagination of young fans of fast Opels at the time of its launch: the Corsa GSi.

Child of his time

In May 1988 the successful Corsa-A family was expanded with a very fast brother. The Opel Corsa GSi was through Rüsselsheim used as an asset within a segment that grew in size in the 1980s. Sporty hatchbacks were popular. More and more manufacturers released hot hatchbacks, often with the addition GTI. The peppery versions not only provided top performance, but were also provided with a solid price tag. Opel built a peppery version with the Corsa GSi. The main ingredient for the impressive performance was the 1.6 engine (E16SE), which generated 74KW / 100PK. The power source with the L3-Jetronic injection system. The engine enabled the Corsa GSi to accelerate to 9,5 kilometers per hour within 100 seconds. According to the factory, the top speed was at a speed of 188 kilometers per hour. To curb the violence, Opel mounted, among other things, ventilated disc brakes on the front.

Cosmetically speaking an unadulterated hot hatch

The small sprinter from Opel was also clearly recognizable as GSi from the outside. Sporty light metal, black side skirts, a large spoiler around the rear window and various prominent black accents (boot lid, window frames) emphasized the sporty aspirations of the Corsa GSi. On the inside the drivers found a sporty dashboard and took a seat in sporty shaped furniture.

Corsa GSi from Ottomobile must for fans

Ottomobile still offers the 1: 18 version of the Corsa A GSi. The miniature builder has been showing the fairly high quality standard for some time with this model. Details are accurate, the stickers are truthful, the interior is perfectly fine, the proportions on the outside too. The glass panel that is installed in the roof is beautiful. Are there any points of criticism: no, actually not, except that the rear wiper could have been more refined. For the rest: for every Corsa A fan, this GSi variant from Ottomobile is a must for the display cabinet. And for the universal collector too. The Corsa A GSi - which was made by the miniature manufacturer in an edition of 1.500 pieces - can be ordered from the retail store and the Ottomobile website. Ottomobile uses a suggested retail price of € 59,90. You get a dyke of a scale model for it.

The images in the gallery are all copyrighted by Ottomobile

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