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There is a reader who, in the period behind us, has given his Volvo Amazon 122S the love that the car deserved. A complete overhaul of the front suspension. He released the steering balls by the steering arms so that the car did not have to leave for the alignment. He even went so far as to tackle the 'front beam'.

After dismantling everything is blasted - no, the front springs are not - and then put in the primer and (black) chassis paint. All new buses purchased and everything assembled exactly as it should be. With new spring washers and nuts. Very happy he started his first test drive. That only took a while, because the car 'steered' extremely unpleasant. He now wonders: "why?" Assuming that everything is assembled in accordance, it may just be the case that the car is aligned at the last time - so before everything was dismantled - when it was adjusted to the worn bushes. Now everything is assembled with new things and that alignment is no longer correct. One millimeter too much off or on may have an unpleasant effect on steering and handling. We recommend that you visit 'the tire man' and ask if he can adjust the Volvo on his - modern - alignment bench. That should solve the problem ...

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