No 'Man Cave' ...

JAWA museum
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JAWA museumBut your own museum.

Paul Kuijs has given his heart to Jawa. And in the 1950s, Jawa made globally recognized and valued reliable, modern motorcycles with a lot of technical cleverness.

Various Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have used the Jawa and Pavel Husak patents.

Apparently in these decadent times something has emerged as the 'man cave', a space in the house where Real Modern Men can do their Real Modern man things without their partner requiring them to go directly to IKEA. Such as smoking something or drinking an almost alcohol-free beer. There can usually also be a calendar on the wall with ladies with childhood Alzheimer's on it. Because how far do you have to go to get dressed when you sit in a Ferrari?

Jawa MuseumWe can count our blessings that we are not men of that kind, but just Real Men 1.0.

So Paul is real, he doesn't have to hide in a spotty, greasy environment to feel that he exists.

He has made his own JAWA museum between all daily things. Just for himself. Because it seemed fun. It is not yet completely finished, but still ...

No idea if visitors fit in.

But: Our compliments!


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