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Of course it's fun to blow up and down the Stelvio. But within the small-scale happiness you could go to Motorcamping Het Dijkje by Joop de Jonge in Eck en Wiel for 22 years.

Eck and Wiel?

The mini campsite was located in the middle of the Rivers area (Rijn, Maas, Waal, Linge). Only a few kilometers away from the forests of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Veluwe. And that is the area that is in the Dutch Top Ten when it comes to lovely steering roads and scenic beauty.

Het Dijkje was a small-scale motorcycle campsite with a simple, clean B&B accommodation.

Het Dijkje was a real motorbike campsite, only for motorcyclists. That means only for motorcyclists, so not for cars, caravans or campers. A possible support car could be parked outside the campsite. Het Dijkje was not hard core for 'bikers only'. (Moped) cyclists or walkers who felt at home among the motorcyclists were also very welcome.
There were a few beautiful, often driven tours set out for the guests. Various motorcycle magazines and other reading material were laid out in the reading corner in the canteen for purposeful relaxation.

If you, as a hairy – or noisy – motorcyclist were looking for a place to party and party until late at night, then Het Dijkje was not the place for you. There was no bar and at midnight it had to be quiet on the mini campsite. There were plenty of cafes and eateries in the immediate vicinity, some of which were within walking distance. There have rarely, if ever, been guests who had to test the case from a crawling distance.

Het Dijkje was not Glamping

For the visitors there was a 4-burner gas stove, of course with accompanying washing up facilities. As a luxury, there was a breakfast service and the (vegetarian!) barbecues had a great reputation, also among the carnivorous. Furthermore, the campsite was open all year round. So the die-hards M/V who wanted to realize their own Elefantentreff on a small scale and well-organized were allowed to set up the tents in the snow.

The curtain fell after almost 22 years

In almost 22 years, Het Dijkje has found a warm place in the hearts of many motorcyclists. And in those almost 22 years, Joop had structurally too little time to make serious miles on his Guzzi's. Joop has stopped. This message is therefore a 'thank you' on behalf of hundreds of motorcyclists M/V who were often regular guests at Eck en Wiel.

In the meantime, Joop has moved to Lienden

He now finally wants to continue with his double-axle GMC camper that he has been working on for eight years. The extra axle and the extended body were good for an extra carrying capacity of 500 kilos for the RDW. The beast can therefore still be ridden with a small driver's license. And – also not unimportant – a motorcycle fits in it. While cleaning up and tidying up, he came across some Guzzi and Harley parts that can also go away. He still has a box of 'Het Dijkje' T-shirts. Those can be picked up for the nostalgic types among us. You can approach Joop via FeestBoek. Joop did not fall into a black hole. His biggest problem now is whether he keeps his beautiful Cali III or whether he gives it to a new owner.

As an ex-entrepreneur and passionate service provider, he has faced bigger problems.

So, on behalf of hundreds of satisfied and happy motorcyclists: Joop, thank you. Best wishes.


the dike Guzzi Blue Joop

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