Now wanted: De Moto Guzzi LeMans III

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Now wanted: De Moto Guzzi LeMans III

The popularity of classics sometimes has strange starting points. A motorcycle - or car - cannot be looked at with the neck for a long time, only to become popular and sought after, sometimes within a very short time.

And then it is very nice that you remember the late-thinking stories about being worth nothing of the Moto Guzzi LeMans III as a classic. And of course those things were worth nothing and nothing at all because they were faint extracts from The Divine Original. So! That was clear!

Times change

But hunger makes raw beans sweet. When all LeMans 1 and II types found shelter, there was only one option left for lovers of classic sporty Guzzis: the consideration of purchasing an LM3.

The Moto Guzzi LeMans III so

The 850 cc Moto Guzzi LeMans III appeared in 1981. Compared to the Le Mans II, the Guzzi was modified in about 80 points. In response to questions from the market, the black exhausts were replaced by chromed ones. The cylinders were fitted with nikasil liners and the pushrods were further away from the cylinder bores as a preliminary to increasing the bore in the following models. Taking into account the American emission requirements, the power had not become much higher than that of the LMII. The cylinders now also had the angular cooling fins, which gave all models the same fingerprints after the appearance of the V 35 and V 50.

Choice of gear ratios

Where the gearbox was concerned, buyers were able to choose between straight or angled gears, but also different internal gear ratios. In Mandello they had also expanded the range of colors: red / black, white / black or metallic gray / black. Radial tires were also fitted from the 850 Le Mans III. The lower tub had disappeared; there was only a small wheelhouse present. The tank, the saddle and the instrument panel were also changed. The counters now had a sporty white background and the Veglia rev counter was prominent. The intake and exhaust system were also changed, as well as the front and rear suspension.

And then?

Well. The prices of LM 3 are on the rise. Viewed without prejudice, the Guzzi is typically beautiful. The parts supply is top notch and the beast is enormously dated. A true classic.

The next !

And in the meantime, the Le Mans 1000, the Le Mans 1000 CI and the Le Mans 1000 Se are already getting ready to climb the ladders in the popularity polls. And then we are already in the nineties.

In the meantime, we met a Dane in Mandello who had ridden the ride to the cradle on his Le Mans III. Good things that old Guzzis.



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