The NSU Lambretta, German or Italian?

The NSU Lambretta, German or Italian? After the Second World War, the battered society started again.

And what benefits a recovering society? That is economic wind in the back and cheap motorized transport.

At - once world famous - NSU they thought un-German flex and the business leaders decided that the mind should be above the principles.

That is why the Germans went in search of the ideal licensor instead of crawling behind the drawing tables themselves.

The vehicle type they had focused on? The scooter of course. And the main scooter manufacturers were Italian.

The rights of Vespa were already forgiven. But the men from NSU did good business with competitor Lambretta. The Italians even allowed them to make improvements to their new revenue model.

You can read the whole story in the October issue of AMK. We hope you enjoy reading.

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