NSU Prinz 3 from 1961. Source of pleasure for Jan.

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Purchasing classics there

Practically everyone sooner or later has the desire to own a car. As the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in Europe, NSU knew very well that riding a moped scooter had economic advantages above all. But one day the desire for more comfort and better protection against wind and weather will inevitably make the user of a two-wheeler a candidate for a closed four-wheeler, an automobile.

The language of the 50s

This story goes back to Jan's first experiences with the NSU Prinz. Jan: “In my early youth I rode a nice BMW motorcycle to the MTS and a classmate of mine rode an NSU Prinz. The NSU's technology was not quite right and the classmate proposed an exchange, the BMW engine for the NSU. For me it was important to be critical, I was already doing work for the NSU garage and had the idea that it could be the ignition. So I took the chance to exchange. And that is how my love for this true modern car arose.”

Latest state of the art

NSU had enormous experience in building robust, durable two-wheeler engines. The modestly sized four-wheeler became a full-fledged car! When designing the Prinz, NSU was fortunate to be able to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the manufacture of more than 2 million air-cooled engines.

The story continues

Jan: “We all carry our automotive history with us. We cannot erase the memory, nor do we want to. You're going to philosophize about the cars I've owned, and a feeling of regret? (I wish I still had them!) After driving my first love for three years, it was exchanged for a new love, an NSU Type 110. With the disappearance of the NSU as a brand, the love continued and after my promotion to retiree it turned out that much of the bygone days had lingered, it evoked nostalgic feelings. The longing for the past resulted in the purchase of the NSU Prinz 3 that was imported from America to the Netherlands.”

The shiny red NSU

Restoration of classic cars is a profession in itself, it requires patience and craftsmanship. The red NSU arrived at Jan in a pale red, almost white patent coat, probably due to the prolonged heat of the sun in America. Fortunately, there was little welding involved, but not a problem given his experience from the body shop he used to own. The data showed that it was a transitional type, the chassis of a Prinz 2 and the body of a type 3. Actually logical because after converting the molds for the new type, the old parts were first used.

Does emotion determine value?

The pleasure that a restored classic gives is priceless. At the classic car show in Eelde where we found this beautiful NSU Prinz, the cameras overheated. Jan, a driven NSU man, was enthusiastic about all the interest, the story that goes with it, the history, his friendships in the classic car world, which partly determine the value. Can it be more beautiful?


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