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NSU Prinz - a restoration

NSU Prinz
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Precision NSU Prinz

The NSU Prinz of father Uilke and son Hendrik-Jan de Vries has been brought back to life this year with the utmost precision. Former mechanic and damage expert Uilke and car damage repair Hendrik-Jan are happy to tackle a car thoroughly.

Since 1993, this little fellow has entered the De Vries family's circles. Hendrik-Jan was only then in possession of his driver's license and richly supplied with wild hair. He knew well what to do with this car brand with traces in the rally world. “Cross through the forest. Until he could no longer go through the MOT in 1998. ”Was it death for this small car? No.

Wake up kissed

After five years of rest in the barn, a new life began for the NSU Prinz. He was again kissed awake by the two princes. They work down to the millimeter to the fantastic end result, which eventually came to light in 2019. It shines and is even tighter than a new one at the time. And father and son shine along.

Back to the start. First know what needs to be done, they know. And sometimes it is disappointing, but here it was not too bad. “It was noticeable that a lot was not broken at the NSU Prinz. So that is German solidity. ”However, as experienced key players, everything was inventoried and dealt with professionally. ,, The system we have in dismantling is a matter of feeling. We know the car through and through. It's in our head. Just show a part, then I know what it is ”, are the wise words of Uilke.

Bolts, washers and nuts have been brought to metal finishing. Cable car, also out and over the floor with it. Everything has been replaced and the plugs are soldered to it. The heat shrink tubes are not original. “We have been working with it for days. But everything is self-explanatory, although that may be an innate talent of ours, "they say modestly about the great deeds that have been performed here.

Although, modest. They notice that not all car restorers have a great eye for precision. “It really stands out during meetings. So few cars are really tight, "they say.

They point to their car. ,, The seams of the doors. Check it and you see that they are really the same everywhere. "" They call that "tightening." This traditional craftsmanship was eventually rewarded by the judge. When the NSU was resurrected. “This cannot be approved. It is so beautiful. ”Of course you cannot get a bigger compliment after many hours of work on a written-off NSU Prince.

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NSU Prinz back

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