The number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to rise

Number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to rise Peugeot
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The popularity and number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to increase. Oldtimers are officially cars of 40 years and older in the Netherlands are exempt from road tax. But the RDW and Statistics Netherlands also take into account in their figures cars from the age of 30 that are still subject to road tax. At a European level, cars from 30 or 25 years old are already considered classic cars.

Increase in the import of vintage cars

At the start of 2020, there were 204.642 officially registered classic cars of 30 years or older in the Netherlands in the Netherlands. The fact that the number of old-timers in the Netherlands continues to increase is on the one hand a logical consequence of the number of older cars that reached the age of 1988 since 30. From the 80s, cars were of much better technical quality, making it easy to reach this age than cars from the 50s and 60s. But a growing group of Dutch people are also importing a classic car. The increase is very steady. Since 2014, between 4000 and 4500 vintage cars have been imported to the Netherlands from abroad every year. Last year imports grew by 2%. There is also export of vintage cars from the Netherlands abroad. But the export figures of old-timers show a considerable decrease. Although more than 2014 old-timers were exported in 18.000, that fell to only 2018 in 7800. This decline also continued in 2019. Last year, slightly more than 7000 old-timers crossed the border. More and more old-timers are therefore staying in the Netherlands. 

Why are vintage cars so popular?

In 2014 the law on vintage cars changed. Previously, cars from 25 years old were still considered classic cars, from 2014 this turned 40. This change has not been well received by everyone. Suddenly cars from 25 years old were still subject to road tax, a normal one applied car insurance and no special, cheaper car insurance for old-timers could be taken out. Still, this measure may be one of the reasons that vintage cars have become more popular. Cars of 40 years and older are much more scarce than cars of 25 years. Oldtimers are now better appreciated.

In the past, a classic car was often purchased because it was cheaper to drive, nowadays a classic car is also purchased as an investment. And when it comes to investments, be it art, wine or cars, the law of supply and demand applies. Demand is currently quite high, which means that the value of classic cars is stable or can rise considerably. The reason for the higher demand for classic cars can be attributed to a combination of the good economy and very low interest rates. Saving no longer makes any sense, because there is no return to be achieved. Investing in a classic car is profitable. There is a good chance that the oldtimer will be worth even more in a few years. 

Which vintage cars are the most popular?

Which old-timers are now most commonly bought in the Netherlands? The top three most popular classic cars probably don't show any surprises. By far the most popular is and will remain the Volkswagen Beetle, The number two is the well-known 'ugly duck', or the Citroën 2CV. The third place is the Volkswagen Golf. A model that is still being produced today. More than 6000 older models of this type of car are currently driving around in the Netherlands.

Peugeot's biggest climber, BMW is advancing, VW, and Mercedes-Benz Citroën in top 3 brands.

The rise in Peugeot was remarkable. The number of classics of the French brand grew by 7.5% in the Netherlands, BMW also did good business and booked a plus of 6.1%. The top 3 brands were retained. VW, Mercedes-Benz and Citroën provided the podium places within the Dutch classic population and achieved modest growth.

Number of vintage cars in the Netherlands continues to rise Beetle
Although the VW Beetle is very popular, there will be fewer XNUMXs Beetle Convertibles driving around.


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  1. Now that the interest on savings is nil, this market is open and is on the rise.
    Buy a nice value-retaining car with your savings and enjoy it ...
    I don't think you can make a better investment…!

  2. Glad to see, I like to see an oldtimer driving. My Corsaatje A will be 30 next year. And those ordinary utility cars from the 80s and 90s you don't see much anymore.

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