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Feeding babySomewhere from the Halfords bankruptcy, a box of maintenance, cleaning and food popped up.
We have something to do with cleaning and maintaining.

Can lacquer, leather and rubber be fed?
They are dead materials, and with our classics they are usually at least 25 years old. Lak becomes dull, weathered. Plastics cure and leather dries out. The 'feeding' is usually no more than applying a greasy or glossy layer.

Nutrition leatherCan everything be restored by feeding varnish, leather or plastic?
Mwahh. Somewhere in the margin there is often something to gain. The 'feeding' is usually no more than applying a greasy or glossy layer. But then, in that case, cleaning, and maintenance from a certain phase simply falls under the symptom control. Except for leather, because it remembers to have been flexible until well after the death of its wearer.
By increasing the fat and moisture content of the leather again after a thorough cleaning, leather can really become nice and supple again. The gloss and color can then be regained later or at the same time. There are proven good products for that. And they certainly did not have to come especially from Halfords or De Blokker. Reconditioning? Okay. There are really good products for that. Feeding for next to nothing? Well no.

A tube with 'food for obsolete rubber' has a picture BEFORE / AFTER treatment. A belt flank with ditch-deep drought cracks apparently turns into a nice fresh band in an instant. The stuff looks like a greasy carrier with a high proportion of soot. So you just close the cracks with it. It shines and remains and will stick to each case. The enzymes in biological detergents such as Biotex sometimes want to help. Think: door seals with Biotex in the washing machine. Discuss this with your partner. The next white wax would otherwise come out surprisingly.

FOOD Angelina-JoliePlastic feeding, that happens for 5 minutes of showroom sunshine with stuff on an oil or silicone basis. In the most favorable case, plasticizers are again introduced into the material. These plasticizers usually only work under certain circumstances. Such as those in products such as Leak Lock, an oil additive that can often 'feed' tired simmer rings. The lips of such a leaking simmer ring receive a kind of Angela Jolie treatment: they become thicker and softer.

Feeding lacquer is no more than sealing the pores. The result is extremely temporary. Reconditioning paint is possible.
In any case, count on the costs of 8 professional working hours, special tools and a sophisticated amount of cleaning, polishing and polishes.

Forget the Blokker offer of that panacea from 8,99
Feeding dead material does not really exist. Cleaning is. Maintained too. Condition? Moderation. But we have our doubts about 'feeding'. And if something is outdated, broken or convincingly dead, then feeding or feeding really doesn't help anymore.

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