Old aluminum as new

Weathered aluminum can be made like new with an old-fashioned treatment!
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Weathered aluminum can be made like new with an old-fashioned treatment!
Vincent van Ginneke has stepped back in time for a few decades and has since applied a traditional method for cleaning old and weathered aluminum. This is the so-called wet blasting, a technique that was first applied during the Second Disagreement with our Eastern neighbors.

Due to the enormous number of revisions of American and British aircraft, a cleaning technique was found that had no adverse effect on the tolerances of the parts. Despite the success, this method remained unknown in the Netherlands for a long time. Wet blasting is cleaning under pressure with a blasting agent carried in water. A powerful jet degreases, cleans and polishes the part. An additional advantage, after this treatment, the aluminum is less sensitive to grease and dirt and inhibits new corrosion. An excellent way to return weathered aluminum parts to their original appearance for a longer period of time. Further information: telephone 036-549.0364.

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