New Year's Eve in Utrecht: Suzuki over the years

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Suzuki looks back and looks ahead at MOTORbeurs Utrecht

Suzuki Motors: 50 year of renewal
• Suzuki shows GT750, XN85, GSX-R750 and Hayabusa icons
• Historical, current and future Suzuki engines at the 1 stand

• Dutch scoop for SV650 ABS and GSX-R1000. So that is just stuff that is not a classic until 25 year ...

At the MOTORbeurs Utrecht 2016, Suzuki portrays 'Suzuki Motorcycles, 50 year of renewal' in a playful manner. The iconic Suzuki GT750, XN85, GSX-R750, Hayabusa and future GSX-R1000 engines have been merged into one engine in a huge image; It can be seen at a glance that Suzuki has been one of the most innovative engine manufacturers in the world for half a century. This is further underlined by the new Suzuki SV650 ABS and GSX-R1000, innovative engines that can be seen in the Netherlands for the first time at the MOTORbeurs in Utrecht.

The true motorcycle enthusiast will look their eyes on the Suzuki stand anyway. The aforementioned classic Suzuki models are actually present on the stand and can therefore be viewed in detail. A unique opportunity to see the Suzuki GT750, XN85 and GSX-R750 together, in the company of the illustrious Hayabusa and GSX-R1000, Suzuki's future super sport motorcycle that was unveiled at the international motor show in Milan at the end of last year.

GT750 and XN85: unprecedented and innovative
The Suzuki GT750 from 1972 is the first Japanese production engine with water cooling. This results in better heat dissipation and higher power. The innovative character is further reflected in the Suzuki Recycle Injection System (SRIS) that burns excess gas and oil in the crankcase. The result is less visible exhaust gases.
The Suzuki XN85 from 1983 is the first sports engine that is equipped with a turbo engine. The 16-inch front wheel is only found in racing engines at that time. It is also unknown that the four-stroke engine with a modest content of 673 cc makes it to 85 hp.

Rare opportunity
With the GSX-R750, Suzuki surprises friend and foe and creates the Supersport segment in 1985. This year, with a special edition, Suzuki is reflecting on the thirtieth anniversary of this revolutionary racing engine. This 30th Anniversary version, together with its historically important predecessor, can also be seen at the Suzuki stand, a rare opportunity to see both engines together.
The Hayabusa that Suzuki unveils in 1999 is the only engine that led to parliamentary questions. MPs question his top speed of 300 km / hour and extremely powerful engine. The Hayabusa grows into a true icon and as a Hayabusa 1300 ABS it is also part of the extensive range of Suzuki Engines.

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