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Technology is progress, yes. But everything has its limits. Recently bought one Auto Motor Klassiek-reader a car with a poorly running block. There was a story behind that, but that is now less important.

The new owner had just as much passion for old technology as the previous one, but considerably more empathy for 'old iron'. He had a neat car with a bad sounding, rattling and leaking block for a poodle price.

At home, the block was stripped of the very expensive fully synthetic oil, according to the previous owner. There was oil that belonged to the time of the block. And that block ran like a charm again.

Of course it was a bit of a guess from our reader. But the guess was good. Goodwill ignorance of the counterparty can yield a profit. So we also know the story of the Mercedes where the machine after a few rinses and after mounting a few fresh filters suddenly suddenly was back to the lesson.

But don't be fooled by the possibilities. No rights can be derived from the above examples. But they are useful facts.

Funny that a press release about oil has just arrived. We give it here… For if you find that other classic that yearns for old oil instead of castor oil:

Now available Firezone Classic Oil.

Firezone has set up a classic line exclusively for your old-timer: Firezone Classic oil. Firezone has been selling lubricants through the webshop for a long time. Authentic packaging is now available for your Oldtimer: 

  • Classic motor oil 20W50 (mineral oil)
  • Classic motor oil 15W40 (mineral oil)
  • Classic racing oil 10W60 (synthetic oil)
  • Classic transmission oil 80W90

Fire zone  Everyone can order Classic Oil via.

For information you can also call 088-0123 623

Firezone stands for good and cheap!


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  1. Important with synthetic oil is the deterioration of gaskets and, to a lesser extent, paint. Synthetic oil based on polyglycol (Polyethylene glycol (PEG), polyethylene oxide (PEO) or polyoxyethylene (POE)) has this annoying property. It is better to go for oil based on the polymer poly-alpha-olefin (PAO). This does not affect the gaskets and can also be mixed with mineral oil.

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