The most beautiful day of the year is coming: Old-timer Appelscha

A new edition of the Oldtimdagen Appelscha will be held on Saturday 17 September 2016. Another beautiful oldtimer event is being organized at De Hildenberg in Appelscha. The organization speaks of: "The most beautiful day of the year". It guarantees that a large number of historical vehicles will be exhibited again on this day. As usual, the heritage will be divided into various categories.

Expansion: event is growing

In 2015 there were hundreds of vehicles that were admired by more than 45.000 visitors. This year the site has been expanded again. There are also plenty of party clubs. Examples include the Citroën Club Nederland, the Simca Club Nederland and the Mercedes-Benz Club Nederland.

Day full of activities

It will be a day full of activities, also for visitors and owners of vehicles that do not choose to take part in a tour. There will be present on the site: a steam carousel, revolving organs, a steam trains, small steam rollers, threshing machines and many other things. There will also be an annual market with more than 120 market stalls where everything related to antique vehicles will be available, such as scale models, polishes, billboards, clothing, etc. Of course there will also be clubs of antique vehicles. There will also be pleasant music played throughout the day. There will also be a large number of old racing cars this year.

No admission fees

This event is free for both the participants and the visitors, which means that everyone can enter without paying and can admire the beauty. This also applies to a large number of the attractions present. The Oldtimerdag Appelscha will take place from 09.00 hour and will last until 18.00 hour. An appropriate DVD will also be made of the event, which can be ordered. This way, candidates can enjoy the peace of mind at home.

Numerous categories

The categories for 2016 are: Cars, tractors, motorcycles, army vehicles, mopeds, Solexes, trucks, scooters, stationary motors, caravans, bicycles, revolving organs, buses and campers. The beautiful vintage cars and the classics will be exhibited on Saturday 17 September 2016 from 08.00 to 18.00 at Buitenplaats De Hildenberg, located at Gruun 5 in Appelscha. Visitors and participants who previously attended Appelscha will agree: this event is very worthwhile.


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