Old-timer owners massively object to new MRB rules

Wouter van Embden and his team developed the objection generator. Increased use is being made of this by duped old-timer owners
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It looks like the motor vehicle department of the Tax Authorities will only get busier. More and more old-timer owners who have been affected by the MRB exemption rules that were amended on January 1 are objecting to the adjusted rates. They are emphatically supported in this by Stichting Autobelangen. Wouter van Embden's club developed the objection generator. With this, the old-timer owner of a vehicle that is now charged can generate a legally watertight objection based on his / her situation by pressing a few buttons.

200 objections per day
The category of owners of a previously exempt vehicle (car, motorcycle, camper or bus) is increasingly able to find their way to the objection generator. “At the moment, an average of 200 objections per day are created via our tool,” says Wouter van Embden. “However, we expect that many more classic car owners will use the generator. Because according to Statistics Netherlands, there are 350.000 owners of motor vehicles who are now duped by the amended tax rules. And oldtimer owners are fanatic. They really go the extra mile to prove them right. ”

Wouter van Embden and his team developed the objection generator. Increased use is being made of this by duped old-timer owners
Wouter van Embden and his team developed the objection generator. Increased use is being made of this by duped old-timer owners.

Individual objection
The Autobelangen Foundation - which is on good terms with the Tax and Customs Administration - would have preferred that the now resigned State Secretary Frans Weekers had agreed to the Mass Objection Procedure. In that case, not everyone would have had to submit a notice of objection individually, but similar cases would be treated equally. Then a few examples would have been sufficient and action could have been taken much faster. "That does not alter the fact that we encourage everyone to use the objection generator."

Explanation with the tax authorities

Incidentally, people who submit a notice of objection can be invited by the Tax Authorities to provide an explanation. However, it is still unclear how people can be heard. "People who are invited have to prepare very well."

Short notice of summons against the State
The Autobelangen Foundation also expects that the summons for the court case against the State will be sent shortly. “If the State agrees with us, that could mean that the injured owner can reclaim the MRB. But that is only possible if he has objected to the new rules. We cordially invite anyone who has not yet objected to submit an objection. Certainly now that the new State Secretary for Finance Eric Wiebes supports the policy of his predecessor, "says Van Embden.

FEHAC support
Finally, Van Embden indicates to be content with the support and support of the FEHAC. “Chairman Bert de Boer has a lot of understanding for the fact that victims want to object. They embrace our initiative with regard to the objection generator. ”The FEHAC describes the tool as valuable, and encourages supporters to use it. "And we are happy with that," says Van Embden.





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