Our proposal about the Motor Vehicle Tax for Old-Timers

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IMG_2118So gradually we can assume that something will change. On the editors of Auto Motor Klassiek that is also the conversation of the day, almost every day. But what do we think about it now? What is our proposal?

We think that with many owners there is a willingness to pay, as long as it is fair. A changing number plate would be a good solution. Just like there is for garages and dealers, where there is a set per license plate and a license plate is paid for. More license plates, more money. A number of fixed rates apply. One for cars, no matter what weight and one for motorcycles, perhaps even according to Minister Weekers' proposal a quarterly rate, based on an average car or motorcycle.

To prevent the 'treasury from incurring losses' (read: less income would be generated) if the Netherlands now switched en masse to traditional transport, which, moreover, is highly doubtful, an increase in the basic rate could be implemented if no other daily car is being driven, for which tax is now paid.

The construction year limit could be 30 year, which is somewhat the norm internationally.

Important, easy to implement. Low costs for the government. Daily classic driving is not necessarily made attractive by it. There is certainty for the industry and enthusiasts. The cost for the enthusiast with different driving classics is not absurdly high.

What do you think about this idea? If you like it, share it with your friends and in groups. If it's nothing, don't do it.

And how do we share this proposal, when massively supported with Minister Weekers?

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