21-e Oldtimer and Classic Beurs seemed very successful

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Easily accessible, well-arranged, pleasant and excellently organized. These are just a few of the features that apply to the 21-e Oldtimer and Classic Fair, which took place from 7 to 9 October in the Leek Sports Center. Within an exceptionally pleasant ambiance, visitors could witness beautiful and sometimes truly unique classics and automobilia. It was simply a successful event.

Anton Rosema and his colleagues chose to focus primarily on heritage, rather than "look and feel". It led to the beauty of the numerous classics being unambiguously highlighted. We witnessed a well-organized event. And what struck me was that the collection was also very logical. The A-Ford Club and the Ford Taunus M-club stood brotherly next to each other, flanked on the left and right by various clubs of German car brands. In addition, Volkswagen specialist Wagenfolks from Drachten again demonstrated its special view of air-cooled Volkswagens. Numerous English classics were also nicely grouped. In addition, some clubs presented attractive motorbikes with a sidecar. The whole - we are talking about the clubs and the stock of a few professional traders in Hall 1 - was, as it were, an honor for the central square with fantastic cars of French origin.

Phenomenal French heritage

Classic lovers Citroëns and Panhards, Peugeots and Renaults got their money's worth there. You don't see a Renault 6, a beautiful Peugeot 404 Pick Up, an enchanting Peugeot 404 Coupé and a Panhard 24 CT every day. That also applied to the Traction Avant 22 CV with V8 engine, a car that was never officially taken into production, but of which a few copies nevertheless came into the hands of customers. But the absolute crowd puller was, in our opinion, the Citroën 2 CV Sahara. This copy - one of the 691 built - honored everything that has to do with originality. It fitted in perfectly with the particularly beautiful French image that was created by, among other things, the Peugeot 404 Club and the Citroën Club was colored.

Flavor blown.

Hofman from Leek played a home game and brought great classics. The Drachtster Nosstalgia by Egbert Spinder was present with attractively priced and appealing, very worthwhile, classics. Furthermore, a number of private individuals took their classic pride with them, so that the public could indulge in the presence of, for example, a beautiful VW Golf GLD, a Fiat 133, a perfectly spotless and unique Fiat 127 of the lightly faceted first generation and the NSU 1200 C, that glories in AMK 9-2016. The masterly Mercury Marquis also caught the eye. It was also noticeable in Hall 2 that the activities were neatly arranged. There was a section for parts, a section for miniature dealers and sufficient space was also reserved for other automobilia. For a moment the visitor was bogged down in confusion, and even the inner person was amazed.

Professionalism thanks to excellent preparation

In all accessibility, you constantly discovered professionalism. And that was not for nothing. Because Anton Rosema and his colleagues thoroughly prepared the fair. “We make appointments well in time and the organization of the 2017 edition actually starts when the last visitor left the exhibition here this Sunday. We meet regularly and also organize a New Year's reception, in order to, among other things, value people and bind them to us. We start making it final three months in advance, so that we won't be faced with any surprises. ”

Absolute recommendation

In any case, visitors had the opportunity to surprise themselves. For an exceptionally reasonable rate, people were assured of a very nice event where one classic was even more beautiful than the other. An absolute must! And already a fixed agenda item for the next edition in 2017.

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