Autototal cleaning

Autototaal cleaning, the specialist in sustainable paint coatings. recognized dealer of Flon4000. Cleaning/steaming/dry ice blasting/coating/detailing/polishing of cars also on location!
Autototal cleaning
Detailed description

Autototaalreiniging is a young dynamic company that works with the latest techniques in the field of cleaning, including steaming and dry ice blasting where no chemacalien are used. This form of cleaning can therefore be used anywhere inside or outside at any location.
This method is very effective and damaged no other parts is therefore very suitable for old-timers.
One of our specialties is sustainable paint coating, we are a recognized dealer of the Dutch brand Flon4000. We have various types of coating from 3 to 5 year warranty.
We apply coating to all paint-based surfaces and metal / chrome / plastic / glass, etc.
Car detailing is a passion and daily work for us. We also polish with the latest equipment and resources.
We go for quality and sustainability.

Location address
Haaghweg 12A
Postal Code
6942 GP
The Netherlands
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