Parking an oldtimer on the public road. Is that allowed?

oldtimer parking on the public road
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I will just warn the owner of this DAF project. Apparently he is a recent villager. And people like that should help you integrate. What's going on? On a private property, but on a public road, there is a fixer-upper, a project. It will take a while before this canary-yellow attention seeker is a proud DAFje again. The condition of the car is past the patina. It really needs work. Park your classic car on the public road. Is that allowed?

Own land or profit packer?

What was once the pride of the Netherlands is now waiting for better times and it looks like this on its own grounds. Where can the pain be? It can get quite expensive if the car is suspended. We know that from experience. Because parking a suspended classic car on public roads is not allowed.

Even if a suspended classic is on private property, it can still be photographed. And for the most implausible reasons you are still the hare as owner. Just as the car is without license plates. What you see with the more vague car salesmen, the bent number plates, are also so wrong.

Where is the financially profitable profit for our directors? The tax authorities - you read about it often at the moment - is on the hunt for money. We are waiting for the moment when the officials of the Service arrive at the door masked and armed. It's not that far yet. So it is about suspension.


If you plan not to use your passenger car for a longer period of time, you can request a suspension of the validity of the registration certificate (…) During the suspension period, you do not pay any motor vehicle tax, but you are also not allowed to use the public road with your passenger car. Public roads also include:

  • trails
  • roadsides
  • sides of roads
  • publicly accessible parking lots and parking garages.
  • Holdership checks

It doesn't even have to be the case that your dormant classic is photographed during holding checks. There are all kinds of data-sharing photographers driving around these days. And of course the police can also be the fuse in the powder keg: You will not receive an official report; the police can report this to the tax authorities. In response to this message, the latter will then suspend the suspension. Nothing more happens. This is not a police matter, but purely tax-related. Unless RDW is notified that the suspension has been lifted by using the road and that the insurance and MOT are subject to a register check. Fines and additional assessments can hit here. We know of a Lincolne owner who had to pay almost 1.900 euros.

What is 'own'?

But a private parking space in front of / next to your own house on a public road, not marked as such? In such a case, there is a public road because it is not prohibited for other traffic to use the entrance. The driveway is not closed and, according to a judge, the parking lot has not been categorically or absolutely prohibited. The judge feels reinforced in his judgment because in practice the driveway could actually often be used by third parties, even if the car owner preferred not to.

In the case of the DAFje, it may play a role in that context that the building was previously a catering establishment, for which it was possible to park for third parties.

All in all, tonight I will visit my former Turkish restaurant, now a private house. To warn my recent villager. And to ask what kind of story is behind the canary yellow DAF.

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  1. In such a case I would still remove or cover the license plates. Then you do not suddenly get all kinds of fines on the mat, and it is too late to change anything. One will have to ring the bell / hold it up to find out the identity of the owner. And then there can just be a conversation with probably a warning and a deadline to change the situation.

  2. Our government meets its own criteria of a criminal organization and the tax authorities are an example of this. We know, thanks to the childcare allowance debacle, that everything is done here to rake in money. If necessary, retroactively. That we already pay taxes for not driving a car is not enough

    • Well, well, not so negative. That child allowance affair is indeed extremely clumsy from the tax authorities and there are more things that are not / have not gone well. But overall, we all benefit from how the Netherlands functions, partly thanks to all the tax money we pay together and with which the government does most of the right things. The Netherlands is still one of the best countries in the world to live. May you be proud of.

    • You will be amazed at the utterly ridiculous discussion you can have in court about what that “hecky” should be. But even in a parking garage you are not safe. You get that with such a government addicted to money as ours. He easily throws over all decency standards.

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