Oldtimer stolen? Emotional value is more important than insurance reimbursement

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The car is well insured. "But it's not about the money." news item in Tubantia about a stolen classic car in Enschede. The owner, Ben Sanders, has lost his 'child'. The money he receives from the insurer can be stolen from him, his anniversary edition is no longer there; a white Volkswagen G1 GL Cabriolet Karmann Red-Liner from 1984.

Emotional value

He doesn't think he will be oldtimer will ever see again. He did, however, report to the police and place a call on Facebook. This is much shared, but the car is not yet justified. It is not about the money, nor about the distances he covered with it. He only rode 2.000 kilometers every year, but that is almost three times between Groningen and Maastricht. That can be beautiful trips. He bought the oldtimer fifteen years ago because he wanted a convertible. Since that time it has been his baby.

Good insurance means nothing

Bare comfort is that Ben has properly insured the car. If his car is not found within thirty days, he will receive the purchase value, an amount to buy an equivalent car or the current value of his old-timer from the car insurer. What he gets depends on the coverage of his car insurance. But ... if his car is recovered, then he must pay this amount back to the car insurer.

Recovered cars

Figures from Foundation for Vehicle Crime Approach (AVc) from 2017 show that the number of car thefts has only fallen since 1995. The number of recovered cars has decreased somewhat since 2010, and is slightly higher in the first half of 2017 than last year. Despite the number of fewer recovered cars, there is still hope for Ben and all the other people whose cars are stolen. About thirty percent is still being found.

Insure against theft

To be insured against theft you must have taken out a third-party liability insurance or an all-risk insurance. If your car is stolen, you must report it to the police as soon as possible. It is even better to report the theft at the Stolen Vehicles Declaration Desk. In this way, the theft is not only immediately known to the police, but also to the car insurer. After reporting the theft, you do not have to pay a premium for car insurance and no road tax.

Keep your eyes open

The license plate of Ben Sanders' classic car is 12-JS-NT. It is a white Volkswagen G1 GL Convertible, it is the Karmann Red-Linder edition. A variant of which only 750 are made. If you see the car somewhere, report this to the police! We all know how valuable old-timers are to us.

Tips against car theft

A stolen car is always very annoying. And 'annoying' is clearly an understatement. Especially when it concerns an old-timer that you cannot simply buy again. That's why preventing the theft is the very best thing you can do. What can you do? Ensure a good security class for the car, do not park the car in a very remote place and preferably in a garage (although Ben's car was unfortunately stolen there ...) and make sure you always lock the car and not the keys leave swinging. Always check the fine print in the policy conditions of your car insurance. This often states that an old-timer must be parked in a locked storage room and must be locked there.


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