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BeNe Team Rally 2022: Netherlands versus Belgium in a new Belgian-Dutch historic card reading rally!

On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the Dutch Horneland Rally foundation will join forces with Belgian organizers Bjorn & Jens Vanoverschelde to present a unique Dutch-Belgian initiative to the inspirers of map reading and historic vehicles.

Robert Wolter, Horneland Rally Foundation: “Despite the fact that the Flemish part of Belgium and the Dutch speak the same language and both countries have wonderful events on their calendars, we notice that -with a few exceptions- few Dutch teams participate in Belgian events and vice versa. And we want to remove that barrier! Together with the Belgian navigators Bjorn & Jens Vanoverschelde, who have also earned their spurs in the organizational field at various events, I am convinced that we have put together an experienced Belgian-Dutch organizing committee for this new & unique initiative with the aim of filling the gap ' between Belgium and the Netherlands and compile the most complete list of participants in a compact but competitive test!

"It's quite an honor”, continue Bjorn & Jens Vanoverschelde, “In recent years we have had the pleasure of navigating during various Dutch character events and have a penchant for map reading. That is precisely why we are eager to work together with one of the organizers of such a characterful Dutch event. In any case, our organizational noses are in the same direction and we have the same ideas about the content of a characterful historical map reading rally that will be accessible to both Dutch and Belgian teams!

To further emphasize the 'BeNe' character, the route will be set out partly in the Netherlands - with an unpublished route with 8 km non-stop gravel! - and partly in Belgium, including routes that will be strewn with hairpin bends. We don't have to tell you that the chosen (rally) roads will be extremely challenging in November and will partly be driven in the darkness. The route will contain a mix of time control sections, regularity stages and 1 or 2 closed (circuit) stages. We will keep it a secret for the time being, but we can tell you that both Belgian and Dutch teams will start with the same weapons. We have already started the preparations for the event, which will only take place in November 100, so that we can unpack with a complete program from the first edition! You can participate in the 'Sport' category, where 'the pressure' can be on and will offer the toppers the necessary challenges, while it is slightly more relaxed in the 'Tour' category, the most accessible category, albeit with the same challenging route.

Team rally or solo rally
As if this new 'BeNe event' wasn't unique enough, we're adding an extra dimension to it. Under the motto 'together you are stronger', teams will have to register in teams. Each team consists of 2 teams. The route book and plotting instructions will be handed out exactly 1 hour before the start time. During 1 hour, two teams of the same team can therefore draw up the route together on the offered topographic maps. At the departure time, both teams start at exactly the same time. One crew will drive route 1, the other crew will drive route 2. After the trajectory, both teams meet during the break and can exchange data again. After the break, the teams switch trajectories. The crew that drove section 1 before the rest, will drive section 2 after the rest (and vice versa). The team meeting thus allows teams to join forces in an attempt to take the largest trophy home with them, because the winner will be the team (the combination of 2 teams) that together managed to collect the fewest penalty points during the time control sections. , regularity tests and tests. Team meetings are only held before the start of each stage because along the way we still maintain a tight schedule where possible (and a looser time schedule in areas where necessary), exciting regularity stages, challenging (circuit) stages and challenges 'in the field' like a real should be a historic event. Those who prefer to discover the event as an individual team will be able to register in a solo classification, although the focus is on the team classification.

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