August 2022

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Oldtimerdag Ruinerwold.
“A day where both old and young can have fun”.
On Saturday 20 August 2022, after 2 silent years, the 28th Oldtimerdag Ruinerwold will take place. A major event in a hospitable village in beautiful Southwest Drenthe.
The event is from 8.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. The 27th Oldtimerdag Ruinerwold in 2020 again attracted 1500 participants and more than 15.000 visitors.
The largely paved trail is located in the middle of the village and the guided tours of 25 and 45 km through the beautiful surroundings of the municipality of De Wolden (Zw-Drenthe) contribute to this great day, whose motto is "see and be seen".
Over the years, 11 different categories have emerged: cars, tractors, motorcycles, army vehicles, mopeds, solexes, trucks, scooters, stationary motorcycles, bicycles and caravans.
Pre-registration via the site:
Participation for free!
Admission to the event is free, except for a small parking fee.


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