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za03September10:00za16:00Swapmeet HDC Zwolle 2022 - Different date, New location!Swapmeet HDC Zwolle 2022 - Different date, New location!

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On September 3, we are already organizing the 7th edition of the very pleasant Swapmeet at the HDC Zwolle, but this time not at the HDC Zwolle! This year we are moving to Camping Dennenoord, Deventerweg 1 in Giethmen (near Ommen). We have a large field at our disposal, now the exhibitors can park their car at the stall. The Swapmeet is during the HDC Zwolle Clubweekend. Please note, they are two separate events. Access to the Swapmeet is still free, but access to the HDC Zwolle Clubweekend is not.

If you want to register as an exhibitor to come and sell your stuff, you will find all the information you need below.

From 10:00 am to 16:00 pm you can offer your motorcycle parts, motorcycles, clothing, paraphernalia and lifestyle items during the Swapmeet of the Harley-Davidson Club Big V-Twins Zwolle. All American and English brands from all years and classic Japanese (until ± 1980) and of course choppers, brattstyles and customs are welcome at the stalls. Sturdy 4 meter stalls with tarpaulin are available. Well, 4 meters is a lot to fill, that's why you can also rent half a stall (2 meters).

About the costs: This year we have to increase the price of a stall slightly because of the new location. But still, €25 for a 4 meter stall with sail is still very affordable. They are the same stalls as in previous years. The stalls can also be rented per 2 meters, in which case you share a stall with someone else.

Just like last year, we will provide a variety of exhibitors with something for everyone and there will be a band playing on the field. You can sign up for the Swapmeet via:


Harley-Davidson Club Big V-Twins

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