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On the Audi 100 parts yacht

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On the Audi 100 parts yacht

After a not so beautiful, but problem-free Audi 100, a very nice Audi 100 CD from 1983 was released here. With problems. What looked like bad running after a long standstill and driving on gas turned out to be a burned valve and a run-in cam on the camshaft. And then you are not lucky when you have a rare 1.9 liter carburetor engine ...

During searching and calling, we found the extremely sympathetic Noorderlingen of Garage Terpstra,, in Sexbierum where classic Audis are also being restored and the site and the Dutch site

These are nice contacts.
But a (exchange) for such a rare Audi 100 CD 1900 cc five-cylinder?
He is not there yet.

Responses are welcome.
The 90 XT SN will be grateful.

Funny: During the parts hunt, the Odd Fellow lapel pin caught the eye of Audi Rijders. But the Logo of the Odd Fellows really consists of 3 rings


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  1. Dear Rene,
    Thanks for your comment. I'm busy with your info and I am already looking forward to my reborn Audi, mvg

    Dolf Peeters

    • Hello René, that is because the system blocks comments with links or if it thinks it's spam. In principle, other messages are automatically approved. They are now online. Thanks for the solutions.

  2. It seems so essentially that a cylinder head of other 5 cylinders from before 1988 with 44 tooth camshaft sprocket also fit. Look or ask Jan los in dedemsvaart, sell a lot of used audi parts, the main point lies with the audi 100, and coupe types, such as the gt5s. A cylinder head with, for example, the injectors in the manifold.

  3. To come back to a worse reaction, I had my cylinder head revised, at LG engine revision in Amsterdam, I could arrange and do a lot.
    I have all other parts with me
    en from, especially the latter delivers a lot of jp group a supplier of vag shines from denmark….
    Incidentally, a cylinder head of the wn engine may have a crack between the out and inlet valves, the manuals indicate a minimum size for that.
    Also on other parts sites in Germany, the camshaft etc is simply offered imitation. This engine was also in the VW Passat Synchro, VW Santana, Audi Coupe GT5s. In the clear, there is still an audi 100 CD 1.9 for sale for 750, - see

  4. Look at
    trader in nos cylinder heads etc for audi only.
    Incidentally, the camshaft is just as new from febi or jp, just like the valves.
    Look at,of wagner car teile.

    Am myself with a cylinder head of an audi 100 2.3 nf, last series busy, and those parts are difficult to get, the older types is just getting everything imitation, so best editors look a little further than your nose is long. success in germany! Incidentally a good audi dealer that you do not refer to vw classic teile is also nice. There seems to be a warehouse in kassel where almost everything is still there.

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