On the Moto Guzzi in Antwerp. A strange experience

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A classic is to ride. So when I recently had to go to Antwerp, I made that ride on my loyal Moto Guzzi V7. And of course that trip went smoothly. After the appointment I walked to my bike.

I have a good faith

What on the lazy side too. I usually leave my helmet and gloves on my motorcycle. Then I saw a young man grabbing my helmet and gloves from my Moto Guzzi and walking on. I am not built for sprinting. But I'm good at voice. “My helmet! HE STEALS MY HELMET !!! STOP HIM !!! ”A hundred yards away, a gentleman loosened his impressive dog from his leash and pointed to the runner.

The dog could run faster

And tackled the helmet thief. The former runner lay on the floor. Under strict supervision of the dog. Dog owner and I walked towards it quietly. After all, the thief no longer wanted to flee. We meet with the satisfied growling dog. Up close, that beast was even larger than in the trot. According to the rules of the grooming young man's club, dogs are unclean. But the dog looked like "lightly tinted" was his favorite taste.

The dog man explained: "I only gave the command" Stop! "

At "Pak!" he bites. There was just a misunderstanding with the dog. But on "Los!" he pulled his jaws apart again. "Well, that could make him sick," I said, looking at the now crying thief. “No. It is a strong dog. It really doesn't get sick from biting once. ”A few early passers-by were emphatically looking in other directions while passing our still life.

"Are we calling the police?"

"No, let's save ourselves." The dog man searched Petman. He found an expensive smartphone and a wallet with an amount of cash that made us whistle. Plus an ID card. "Hey, do you hear us?" The petmans heard us. “Look, now we have your phone, your money and your ID card. So you no longer have anything. And we always know where to find you if there is anything. Even if we think it rains too often. And when we do, we come unexpectedly and not alone. ”The young moaned. The dog was given the command "Rest!" and sat down contentedly with his owner. He was hugged between his ears and clearly saw that as a positive secondary employment condition.

The dog walker made a waving gesture toward the groaning crawler.

“You can go. You are no longer needed here. ”The boy scrambled to his feet and disappeared limping. The dog walker gave me a handful of euros from the just confiscated wallet. “Allez, take that. Because that child has dropped your helmet. And that is certainly bumped. ”We said goodbye quietly with a warm handshake. I went to get my helmet and gloves out of the bushes. The visor of my helmet was scratched. And one glove apparently went on his own journey. But I have had enough grief money to be able to buy new gloves. The day could have ended worse.

Great thing, such a Moto Guzzi

Antwerp is completely open due to all kinds of construction activities, the Ring is just as full as ever. But there are friendly dog ​​walkers. The V7 started with the push of a button. Blobberde satisfied at no-load. With a click, some gearbox gears were in good shape in the greasy darkness. I went home again. At least I had something to say there: The old V7 had not given a blow after three years of sleeping. And if that's not news?

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  1. It may be a bit of Wilders language, but you would want such a dog owner on every street corner. Keep your fingers off other people's things! Great Story!

  2. It may be a bit of Wilders language, but you would want such a dog owner on every street corner. Great Story!

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