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Presented in 1971 Triumph a new variation on Project Ajax, which has been running for years. The group subsidiary of the then still fairly fresh British Leyland was from 1965 continuously active in the smaller middle class with models such as the 1300, the 1500 and the Toledo. Project Ajax was lifted to a higher level from the beginning of the seventies: the luxury and heavier motorized Triumph Dolomite with 1854 cc engine saw the light of day. Years later do in the Kop van Noord Holland we have a pleasant round with a special specimen of the model. It is the Triumph Dolomite from Nan Beers from Schagen.

The British car from the North Holland auto almanac and consistent Auto Motor Klassiek reader Nan Beers has a long history, and was granted a second life by Rutger Kwant and sold to Richard van Erp. Nan Beers took the gift Triumph over and does not only drive tours on the North Holland asphalt. In national and international rallies the Triumph Dolomite (again) a regularly seen guest.

Sporty seventies dress code

De Triumph Dolomite from Nan Beers - delivered in 1973 in the Netherlands - also provides us with the necessary anticipation. And when Nan Beers opens the gates of his warehouse, we become very happy. We immediately notice that the exterior of the charismatic Dolomite, in addition to the necessary chrome details, shows sporty accents. Alloy wheels (Minilite) and the combination of yellow with black betray the sporty dress code of the seventies applied during the major restoration. Furthermore, the 1850 (among other things) is equipped with a set of extra lighting and the front spoiler of the Dolomite Sprint. Within this Triumph In addition to the necessary luxury accents, there are also references to the rally activities that Nan Beers is with Triumph Dolomite unfolds. A double stopwatch and a trip master were installed on board the Englishman. The larger steering wheel was replaced by a small Moto Lita steering wheel.

British atmosphere

The rear wheel driven and gracefully designed Triumph Dolomite is released in sunny conditions. We drive on the beautiful back roads that the beautiful Kop van Noord Holland has to offer. In peace and quiet, the engine block - which was recently fitted with a revised head - is driven warm. We become within the Triumph surrounded by that typically British atmosphere. And that means: wood, numerous instruments and the high-pile Special Edition decoration of the furniture.

Resolute, smooth and shockless

De Triumph Dolomite makes a firm impression. Suspension and damping do their job in a nice and solid way. This also applies to the overdrive on third and fourth gear, which can be operated smoothly and without shocks. Meanwhile, the hum of the 1854 cc engine is in the Triumph nice to hear. In addition, the power source shows with one overhead camshaft, 2 SU HS4 carburetors and a power of 91 PK flexibility. Very nice: we observe it from the seemingly compact sized seats that offer surprisingly good seating.

Estimated value

An extensive report about the Triumph and Nan Beers' car love. But we can already say that we are delighted. We are pleased with the fact that compared to the BMW 02 series and the Alfa Romeo Giulia have always been able to appreciate the value of underrated Dolomite. Just as Nan Beers has been doing for some years now. Also this one Triumph is a true classic. He is bursting with charisma, is very well screwed together and it is an extremely handy car. The fine maneuverability and a nice flexible power source make the Dolomite a suitable touring and rally car. And the Dolomite is - irrespective of application - an excellent development of the Project Ajax theme. It was a pleasure to be on the road with it. 



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