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Online auctions: What the fool gives for it… Catawiki had classified him between the 110.000 and the 145.000 euro. And then we are talking about a Series D Vincent Black Shadow from 1955. In excellent condition, though. The engine was registered by a motorcycle dealer from Osnabrück, not even very far from here. The first bid was a proud 2.500 euro. An amount that is a serious amount for many people, but still. A week later the counter was at 32.000 euros.

Not reached

The D Series was the last and ultimate development of the Black Shadow. However, manufacturing the engine turned out to be too expensive, so production only took 6 months and Vincent decided to stop making engines in 1955 ”. In the end, only 144 of these ultimate Black Shadows were made. The bike in the auction is also completely factory original, which makes it even more valuable. . The auction closed in November and the highest amount anyone thought the Vincent worth was 56.000 euros. By the way, some research showed that these types of Vincents are almost never sold for six figures. And Patrick Godet also builds and sells Vincents new and modified. With warranty. For that money you have about fifty 250 cc MZ's. And the prices of those endearingly tough ex-Eastern bloc mopeds are on the rise. So think for yourself how much such a bunch of MZ's will yield in a few years at Catawike, Bonhams or whoever.

In the meantime, it is of course true that online auction houses such as Catawiki have made the world very well-organized for buyers. But the prices that are being used for betting are often very optimistic. Of course that is a way to push the price up a little in advance. But we still experience buying with a mouse click as a clear impoverishment of our passion.

No reserve

A no reserve auction means that a vehicle will leave for the highest price offered. However annoyingly much lower that price is for the selling party. The approach is that such an action attracts an unprecedented number of bargain hunters who then drive each other up to unprecedented enthusiasm because the final price is still very high in that storm of emotions.

If the amount is too much below the expectations of the selling party, he can apparently cancel the order for auction during the game. No matter how bland that is.

People who have made the best at an auction may report themselves.

Then they are sincerely congratulated here on the site.

photo archive, Catawiki


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A reaction

  1. What a hassle with those auctions here. It's just a sale right? You do read stories from the US that they have scored a bargain at an auction. Those are real auctions. I never interfere with these sales, because you already know in advance that you will not get it for a bargain.
    If you still want something, it is better to buy it from a dealer or through an advertisement. Because at these so-called auctions, you are not even allowed to touch such a thing. Let alone driving. And what a risk that is. And those worthless domains also stop a vehicle if, in their opinion, there are not enough bids for them. Isn't that just a sale? Without you being allowed anything.
    Worthless junk. That single auction without reserve is therefore set up again with a high starting bid. And you still see everyone running after it. So not that funny

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