Opel B Kadett (1967) by Arnold shows what it's worth

Opel B Kadett (1967) by Arnold shows what it's worth

For the connoisseurs of this classic car, that is clear language. It's not just the name, the car has served many with dedication for many years and was of great value. Like Arnold's Opel B Kadett.

By: Dirk de Jong

Arnold: “I can't stop talking about my new property and notice that I would like to tell you more about it. In fact; I am delighted to own a classic that has played a major role in my family, with my grandfather and certainly also with my father.” 


The special thing already starts with the nameplate that says: General Motors Suisse SABienne. That means that this model B was also screwed together (assembled) in Switzerland and that it came to the Netherlands in 1999. Few people know the story that Switzerland sold Swiss-made GM cars for a long period of time. (Would the Opel B Kadett also have had a Swiss-made clock?) In the 50s, many GM brands rolled off the production line. 

Open the hood

Arnold: “Now take a look under the hood, it's so clear. Everything is easily accessible, a very clever construction. The road holding of this 55-year-old car is excellent. The Opel B Kadett is spirited and smooth in daily (busy) traffic and makes long distances effortless. The fact that the car is so spacious (space for five people) is also something that appeals to me.” 

Giving substance to the hobby

In the hobby circuit we know enthusiastic wrenchers and certainly also cleaners, but Arnold belongs to the category of drivers who give substance to his hobby in this way. Technically perfect, but not (yet) cosmetically in order. Despite that, it is an Opel Kadett B with the L for luxury. 

The luxury of owning

It will not surprise you that Arnold is addressed two or three times a week on his white Despite. The large selection of models at the time resulted in high sales in the Netherlands and the memories are therefore numerous. Arnold doesn't let the Opel Kadett stand still for long, but takes off… to continue enjoying his car. And we'll let you enjoy it for a while.

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  1. In Biel, an industrial city in the Basel region, all Opel models for the Swiss market were actually produced as CKD. As a result, the import duties were abolished.

    There was no assembly line work there, but the cars were assembled almost entirely by hand. Biel's products were considered better than those from Rüsselsheim and Antwerp.

    An Ascona variant was also made of the B-Kadett with the 1700S engine. The 1100 engines weren't really suited for the Alps.

    Tip: a 1967 Kadett has a full chrome grille.

    Opel B Kadett (1967) by Arnold shows what it's worth

  2. In 1975 I took over a gold-coloured Opel from an elderly couple who had only used the car for shopping. The car was 12 years old, perfectly maintained and only 35000 km on the clock. The sellers just wanted the new owner to take good care of the car. I bought the car for 750 guilders. It was a luxury version with a black rubber-like roof covering and a sliding roof. I drove it for over 2 years and then sold it for a profit. Was a spacious nice car.

    • Low miles does not mean the car is good.
      An aunt of mine also had this model in the 60s and early 70s.
      The car had less than 35.000 km, but was completely worn out when she bought a new one for commuting.
      She also lived only a mile from work, so the car had never had the luxury of getting hot. It was impossible to go on foot, because…. “state”. uh….

  3. Nice car! My first was an ocher 1100 with long poker from 1972. Never had any problems with it.
    This one seems a bit pimped (or is it the luxury version?) but I thought the grille was completely chrome (without black). The wheels also look newer to me.
    But nevertheless a very nice car.

    • I have had an ocher yellow kadett from 1972 with a long gear lever for more than 30 years. Unfortunately I still don't have the time for the restoration.

  4. Once had a cadet never so much misery from defective motor to defective intermediate shaft etc.
    No, just give me a ford taunes 12M two never had any problems.

  5. Super cars and easy to use and maintain.

    Had it for the last 20 years or so, but was then ready for restoration. Front screens prices of € 450, - and more made me decide to stop. It's a shame because I would have loved to keep it, but to spend more on Kadett now than on a Corvette doesn't make the hobby fun anymore.

    But the good memories remain and who knows, maybe I'll come across one again for normal money.

    Opel B Kadett (1967) by Arnold shows what it's worth

  6. Too bad that a lot of words have been swallowed in this article. Have had an Olympia Coupé of “70. Light blue metallic with black leatherette interior, original Blaupunkt, ashtray, interior lighting. Sold to a former accountant, who hit it up while drunk at a friend's driving lesson. A shame for a hard, reliable copy. It is true that they assemble cars better in La Suisse. Have an Impala SS HT of “62, never restored…..

  7. I have had a white kadett b 1500 for years, seen all of Europe and started part of my career, never had any problems, lovely and at the time cart

  8. In 1972 I took my driving lessons in such a car (2 doors) on gas and drove it twice before I passed.
    A total of 10 lessons and for 200 guilders including exam fees, etc. I had my pink paper! I had a lot of fun.

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