Opel Diplomat. Love for the life of Henny and Wybe Lourens

Opel diplomat
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Opel diplomat

Henny Lourens had no qualms about bringing his car history to life, after we showed an interest in the beautiful classic. If he's about his pretty Opel Diplomat then begins to bring places and events back to life. 

By: Dirk de Jong

His parents' predilection for Opel had major consequences in his further car life. As a little boy, for example, he was allowed to wash the Opel Diplomat weekly at the neighbors, where his enthusiasm for the Opels arose and was unconsciously promoted by his parents. You could describe his life going on - and owning - more than 30 Opels. Every Opel an era.   

The Opel garage

His garage is still filled with pure class. In addition to the Opel Diplomat, there is a 1969 B Kadett in mint condition, which the previous owner has owned for no less than 25 years. From the 90s there are a Vectra (1994) and an Omega (1993). He shares pure Opel enthusiasm with his son Wybe, who has brought the Opel Diplomat back to new condition with him. The preference for the brand is now in the DNA that is obvious. 

Wybe has completely taken over the inspiration and also restored his Omega to new condition. This is partly thanks to Henny, who had an enormous amount of knowledge and the expertise of Wybe as a car mechanic. And don't forget his eye for details. 

Stripped completely

When purchased in 2009, the Opel Diplomat was very dull, with the doors showing some rust. Yet it was felt necessary to strip the car completely. Take care of the welding and provide it with a new coat of paint. 

The Opel Diplomat is from 1971. The six-cylinder engine has an L-Jetronic fuel injection from Bosch up to 165 HP. Henny and his son Wiebe prove with the possession, the time and energy that is invested that Opel plays a major role in their daily car life. As enthusiasts we know the charm of owning a classic car and will never rest on the natural lifespan of the car. We want to maintain them. 

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  1. Nice car, but with an eye for detail …… .wheels are also a detail and these do not fit, in my opinion, absolutely not with such a car.
    Halls almost completely lost the status and appearance …….

  2. Funny, an AH number. One of my father's number plates was AK-71-80. This was a Fluo-green Passat from ??? Could just have been 1971. Round headlights. In that color, not many of them were sold in the Netherlands. Was so bright green that you hardly had to turn on your lights😎

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