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Opel Kadett B and Olympia A. Popular 1:18 scale models from Revell

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A while ago, model car and kit manufacturer Revell regularly released new Die-Cast scale models within the scale 1 to 18. At the moment Revell focuses mainly (again) on model building and related matters. Until the previous decade, however, Revell lured hobbyists and collectors with various ready-made scale models to the specialist stores. This succeeded, with successful reproductions that were reduced eighteen times and above all well constructed. Such as the Fliessheck coupé models of the Opel Kadett LS (Modell 92) and the Opel Olympia A. And one more “F” coupé was reduced: the great Rallye Kadett (Modell 92).

Nowadays these are hardly available from specialist retailers, but sometimes you are lucky that a stock has been bought up by a miniature specialist. Then you will still find a copy in person. And in that case you are also privileged as a collector, because you get something good at home. And usually a lot cheaper than doing that via Ebay, or other online channels.

Strong samples well reduced

The Kadett B Coupe, the Rallye Kadett (both Modell 92) and the Olympia A Coupé (Modell 99). During their production years these were beautiful and available in various equipment variants fliessheck Opel. Those strong examples were really excellently recreated by Revell. Years ago the Kadett B was reduced by Revell as a regular LS (this version was only available as an “F” Coupé from August 1970) and as a Rallye 1900 eighteen times. Revell also supplied the Rallye in several colors. Remarkable is the detailing, which is really good for each other on the Kadett versions and the Olympia A. The dashboards, the finish, the dimensions: it is all good more than. At Revell they succeeded in creating details that crawl under the skin. Of those important little things that make sense to drive in the one on one version. Critical note: the moldings around the side windows are somewhat thick. It is by no means disturbing.

Truthful details

A nice example is the way everything is finished under the hood, it looks very true to life there. The cable work, the separately sprayed lock, the plate with production data: everything is beautifully made. Also things like steering wheels, hubcaps, grille and folding backrests make the case of course. The paintwork is excellent, and it is also right under the cars. From exhaust to Panhard rod: everything is there. The grille on the Kadett LS says that Revell used the post-August 1971 version. The grille came from the Rallye. Speaking of the Rallye version: it is nice how Revell also applied this version smaller and beautiful details. The matte black accents, the twin tailpipes and the sports wheels are just a small selection. All very enchanting.

Olympia with subtle details

When you put the Kadett and the Olympia next to each other, you also see why the latter was really a step above the Kadett. The vinyl roof, the wood accents on the dashboard, the silver strip between the rear lights, three small units with license plate lighting: you immediately see the difference. Very nice are the tires with subtle white walls and the sublime detailed wheel covers with the black enclosed and centrally placed Blitz signs. For the rest, everything is correct, from logo to emblems, from door trim to clock shop. And how nice is it to have them both at home.

Prices vary

Fans of classic Opels and / or all-round collectors who do not yet have these models would do well to rely on them. Take into account amounts that start at around ten or four each and end at amounts from € 70 to (sometimes) well over € 100. That of course depends on the little thing that the seller wants to earn, the condition and whether the original box is included. If the latter is the case, the buyer will also be presented with the necessary model information. The classic Opels from Revell. They are all too nice to leave behind. And more than worth their sometimes hefty asking price. Lovers work!

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