Opel Kadett B Typ 91 and Typ 96, luxury body styles from a bestseller

Opel Kadett B Typ 91
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One of the presented cars that caught our attention during a trade fair a few years ago was the Opel Kadett B LS Typ 91 (Fastback). It was a beautifully preserved 1968 model painted in beautiful beige. This Opel Kadett inspired us to describe this specific body type.

In September 1967 Opel expanded the Kadett B range. Opel launched, among other things, the Opel Kadett B Fastback (LS) to push the car into the pace of peoples. In 1967, that momentum was in an atmosphere of prosperous optimism and emerging individualism. At the offices of Opel formed more model variants en Luxury the ingredients for the gamma interpretation of that time. It led to Kadett B variants with their own face. The Opel Kadett B Fastback was one of those models, and was available in a two (Typ 91) and four-door (Typ 96) version. It was characterized by the larger C-pillar, which was extended in one line to the rear. The entryfastback was equipped with the LS equipment level in combination with the 1.1 (N) engine.

Benefit from modifications

Opel took the opportunity (as on the existing series of Kadett B versions) to fit the improved rear axle construction (including the use of coil springs and a Panhard rod) on the Opel Kadett B Fastback models. In addition, the Fastbacks also benefited from the modifications that were implemented throughout the Kadett B series for model year 1968. So they also got things like the new dashboards with thick padding, the larger rear light units with integrated reversing lights, the modified front with new air intakes and the modified front axle. The Opel Kadett B Fastback models had extra ventilation options and were of higher quality. The two-door variants had retractable side windows at the rear, and the interior, for example, was equipped with carpeting.

Motoren, Ab Werk and Auf Wünsch

Furthermore, the prospective buyer was offered a variety of engines. For the European market, Opel (market dependent) placed several 1.1 variants and the 1.7 S version on the list. The 1.7 came from the Rekord, and from 1968 could be linked to a three-speed automatic. Later this was also available for the Opel Kadett B in combination with the 1.1 S engine. Meanwhile, Opel had added the 1.1 SR engine to the range. It was equipped with two Solex carburetors and delivered a power of 60 HP. Furthermore, the 1.5 S CIH engine (also from model year 1968) was available for specific markets. In America Opel Kadett B could be ordered with the 1.9 power source. In addition, prospective buyers could indeed insist on the installation of an engine at the (European) dealers, which was not included in the (nationally determined) delivery range in the beginning.

Shortly built with brother Olympia

The Fastback – like the 'F' coupe – also formed the basis for the Opel Olympia A. It was placed above the Opel Kadett B in the delivery range and was characterized by (even) more luxury and a different front. The careers of the Kadett LS Fastback and the higher positioned Olympia A did not last long. In 1970 Opel launched the Ascona A. That marked the end of the Opel Kadett B Fastback and the Olympia A inspired by it. They were built for three years. Within that period, both Opels managed to give the smaller model series its own face.


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  1. A 1.1 version with which you could barely keep up with a beetle and an R4. A beetle drove faster and the R4 had better handling. How sporty is that with your coupe…,.
    I'm not talking about the stronger models but who else but an American company would come up with such a combination (Coupe and 0 power).

  2. Even though I was only about 5 years old at the time, I still remember very well that our kindergarten teacher had one. That must have been a model 91 because I once drove it and for that the passenger seat had to be folded forward. It was a light blue one with a black roof. Later I would learn that such a thing is called a vinyl roof. No idea what engine was in it. Lego was still my horizon back then…

  3. The Kadett -B fastback did not have an 1100SR engine, it was in Olympia -A. The engines of fastback Kadett -B were 1100N,1500,1700, by the way, type 91 is the two-door variant, the 4-door variant was type 96 and Olympia -A type 98 I have had both the two and four door variant and also the Olympia -A did i have

  4. This was a beautifully lined affordable car for everyone.
    At the moment there is no car for the small purse that puts a smile on everyone's face.

  5. Yes that was what I had a red and cherished, beautiful later a coupe
    Kadett type C also beautiful but too small for wife and children so a record 1900 four-door remember, they were not economical Opels THEN, Now under the direction of Peugeot yes life goes on 😉

  6. As a student I drove such a white 1.1 Fastback 1969N from late 1978 to early 1981. It had no power but always drove. 3 days after I sold it for fl 275,- (yes) it was a total loss….. could have lasted for years otherwise

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