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The Opel Kadett C Coupé is a very popular car in the classic world. In August 1973 it was immediately available at the launch of the Kadett C. En as befitted an Opel from that time: in various designs.

Catawiki is currently offering a copy that was delivered new a year after the introduction. It is a beautiful Kadett Coupé de Luxe, which has been very well looked after for 46 years.

The bidding has started and the prospective buyer will not receive this excellently preserved specimen as a gift. This Opel Kadett C Coupé was appraised a year ago at a value of € 8.000. The appraiser was quite enthusiastic about the Kadett. And rightly so because it is in a very nice condition. By the way, Catawiki estimates the value a bit higher.

New paint job

This luxury Kadett C Coupé was repainted in 2017. However, the base was still excellent. And that is the result of very punctual bodywork maintenance that has been carried out over the years. But more than XNUMX years of use and exposure to the elements caused the beautiful orange paint to lose its shine. The body got a new paint job. And so more things were replaced or improved to keep the Kadett Coupé tiptop.

Luxurious trim, nice extras

The beautiful orange glow is accompanied by additional chrome moldings, for example cutouts along the wheel. One of the indications that this Kadett coupé has a luxurious trim. The interior - in which new headliner and seat upholstery were fitted in 2005 - matches the equipment level. It also applies to the electric clock, the square headlight glass and the trim rings on the wheels. Also nice: the original and historically sound Philips radio, the original towbar and a multi-t-lock lever lock. Those are nice extras.

Technically completely up to date

Not only the cosmetic part of the Kadett was addressed. For example, items such as gaskets, oil seals, clutch release bearing, water and fuel hoses were renewed during the restoration. As well as the manifold and the exhaust system. A master brake cylinder has also been overhauled. More overhauls: the alternator and starter motor were refreshed.

Very reliable engine

Speaking of technology: the mechanics and suspension are free of play. And under the hood (based on engine code 12-0145212) is the old trusted 52 DIN-PK 1.2N OHV engine with the single Solex 30 PDSI carburettor. That engine enabled the Opel to travel 46 kilometers in 149.500 years. The 1.2 engine in this Kadett is linked to a manual four-speed gearbox. And unnecessary: ​​the selling party reports that everything is in very good condition.

Beyond advertising slogan

Opel used to use a striking advertising slogan for the Kadett: Kurz gesagt OK. This Kadett coupé goes a bit further than the historical recommendation, because it is in pristine condition. What also makes him special is that he only had two owners in all those years. And that it was delivered new in the Netherlands and still has the original registration number. Moreover, the Opel was never damaged. In addition, numerous spare parts are supplied by the selling party, and all invoices for the renovation are still available.

Quickly to the Catawiki website

Anyone who wants to make a bid would do well to place the offered Opel Kadett C Coupé on Catawiki's website to visit. There you can find more information about the car and the auction conditions. In any case, it is certain that a minimum price is used for this fine Opel (one from the fine historical coupe tradition of the brand). The auction closes on Thursday 20 August at around 20.00 p.m.


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  1. My first car, a City SR, 23-RS-49.
    Same nose, cocpitje with clock for the time and gauges for oil pressure and a Voltmeter in the center console.
    Silver painted “Rostyle” rims with chrome rim rings. Exclusive trolley, especially for a schoolboy. Feast of recognition this article! Thanks.

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