Opel Kapitän (1952). Opel plays a leading role for Nico. 

Opel Captain (1952)
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Nico started his career as an Opel collector after declaring his love to his girlfriend (who later became his wife). His father-in-law had a beautiful Opel Blitz. He was convinced then that if he had the skills and technical knowledge to restore a car, it should be an Opel Blitz.

By: Dirk de Jong

If you have one Opel and you get another one, that is the start of a collection. That collection was quickly expanded. There is now an Opel Blitz from 1959 in his garage, but also an Opel Olympia (1952) and even a beautiful sporty Opel GT (1972). And of course this sparkling blue Opel Kapitän of 69 years old.

American influence

This Opel is American styled and was offered in the higher price range. And that high price range has remained now that it has the status of a classic. Most of the work for the restoration of the Opel Kapitän was done by Nico himself, as was all the sheet metal. An exception was the spraying work that was outsourced to a specialist Den Hartogh in Surhuisterveen. The photos are proof of the quality of the restoration. Due to his enthusiasm, among other things, he now knows all the secrets of Opel technology.

pure hobby

In addition to collecting, the Opel Kapitän is also sometimes used for a wedding ride. To drive to the town hall in this way naturally affects the later marital happiness! Due to the impressive appearance of the classic, he has already featured in a film, so that he can also be seen on the silver screen. And Nico is also present at rides of the oldtimer club in the region and at classic events.

Prominent place

Due to its charming appearance, its beautiful shapes and the sparkling radiant condition, this coveted classic car has an important place in Nico's family. We understand like no other the attachment to the classics. For Nico it is an important part of his leisure time and experiences that interest in his Opel Kapitän is also enjoyable for him.

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  1. Is it really important to always emphasize that in this case the Opel in question is the proud possession of Nico and not Klaas?

  2. The quality radiates from it. This model naturally goes back to the first Kapitän, that of 1936. This was the last facelift before the “pontoon” models came. It is now impossible to imagine, but there was a time when Mercedes had a formidable competitor in the upper class: the Kapitän was the best-selling six-cylinder in Europe.

    That 2500cc straight-six engine was a metric version of the Chevrolet Stovebolt, one of the finest engines of its time, which would serve Opel for 1975 years, last in the Blitz van until XNUMX.

  3. All cars in those years had their own look and you could see from afar what brand you were dealing with, really beautiful. Now it seems as if they all come from the same wind tunnel mold, with the only difference that they have their own logo. Too bad it turned out like this !!!!!!!!

  4. As a 6 year old child I stood at the school gate every morning to see this Opel Captain who brought a classmate every day. I was already quite impressed by the look of this car (my father had a 1963 square Record at the time. In the 60s it was just old riot. It is a pity that these kinds of cars have become so rare and also beautiful that the last copies have ended up in good hands.

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