Opel Manta GSI (1987) by Renze. A youngtimer with 'feeling' 

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What could be better than driving a youngtimer like the sporty Opel Manta GSI? In addition to being a fun and compact sports car, it is also of great importance to Renze that it has always remained in the region from the first owner and the story behind the car is also decisive for him.

By: Dirk de Jong

Renze: “I fell in love with the two-door model and the design of the Opel Manta GSI from a very young age, but also because I knew the owner and had the time to admire the car.”

out of order

“Many years later, I came across the now infamous Opel Manta GSI again, which had been standing still for some time and had been decommissioned. Too bad the car was no longer original. The car was lowered, an open roof was installed and the technology left a lot to be desired. The decision to buy it was on the one hand the 'feeling' I had with the car, but also the excellent condition of the body and chassis. The first tectyl treatment – ​​done by a professional at the time – paid off, there was practically no trace of rust.”

Rear axle specialist

Renze now opted for perfection. The Opel Manta GSI was first taken care of by a specialist who installed new bearings and new springs. The car was thus brought back to the normal ride height. It goes without saying that the specialist installed only original GM Opel parts (hard to find and very expensive, but necessary for originality). The Opel Manta GSI also underwent another anti-corrosion treatment by Dinitrol for a long service life. This was followed by the overhaul of the engine and the Opel Manta GSI regained its beautiful shine through a completely new coat of paint.

Roofing sheet transplant

In order to do everything in the original Opel way and to remove the old open roof, specialist Hoogstra in Dokkum peeled off the roof and attached a new roof sheet in the original color. The transitions were soldered with copper. Talk about originality and craftsmanship.

Wir sind wieder underwegs

The first ride Renze wants to drive this year is the 'Creme 21' rally, a household name in Germany in the youngtimer scene. A unique rally with a unique atmosphere, where all cars from the 70s/80s participate and where the Netherlands is always well represented. There are also plans to participate in the Beaujolais rally at the end of this year and to bring the first bottles of new harvest to the Netherlands.

That the Opel Manta GSI has a prominent place at Renze makes this story clear.

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  1. It pleases me to read that there are at least some people who strive for originality. As I pointed out elsewhere that all those VW T1's and Beetles that are lower to the ground are not a sight, the same sheet is a suit here. Many Mantas and Ascona's that are now offered are equipped with a much larger engine and what not more. Indeed, as Peter writes, it makes them unattractive.
    At the end of the 80s I bought a 1900S from Cas Swart (yes, the one for the engines) and have not changed it except for a replacement engine block, because the existing one started to make noises)
    The car is waiting for much-needed attention (read: restoration) and the now mounted engine (1900N) has to be replaced by a 1900S. A set of replacement headlamp housings is perhaps the biggest hurdle. Namely, there are two types that the Manta was fitted with and mine has them with an extra rim around them so that the headlights seem to be slightly less slanted back than those on the subject of this report.
    Registered in April 1976, mine should be from the first model year. It is striking that the registration certificate does not - as is often usual - state 00OPEP, but 76OPEP. I hope to discover the story behind that.

  2. Nice car, a pity that GM does not cooperate in the (classic) parts supply of the European models. Likewise for the beautiful Saab; a shame. I drive mostly American, normally no problem, and not expensive.

  3. A good action to bring this Manta back to its original condition. In the 70s and 80s it was fashion to mismaster Mantas and Capris with fender flares, spotlights, rally sets and cheap open roofs. Original models are now sought, converted ones are often not lost on the paving stones.
    I also never understood why many cars absolutely must get a lowering kit. In residential areas I often hit the thresholds with the bottom at normal height.
    This striking appearance is fortunately restored to its original splendor,

  4. renze:
    You bought a beauty of a car and made it even more beautiful. Manta GSI, an icon. Self inveterate VW driver (every crazy his lack) but I can really appreciate those Opels. They just drive with that (for me) special Opel feeling. The body lines are distinctive and memorable.
    Nice article!

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