Opel Monza Coupe (1985). Infinite admiration for Opel 

Opel Monza Coupe (1985)
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Pieter Visser has a surplus of passion for the German Opel, not for a few years, but for his entire life. How this came about is easy to explain. His father was completely preoccupied with Opel from his first Manta 16 S, which he bought at the dealer for 70 Dutch guilders in the 10.000s. After that, many would follow. The Opel experience has been taken over by Pieter with major consequences. Just look at his beautiful 1985 Opel Monza Coupé.

By: Dirk de Jong

You can see that in his garage, which was built especially for his youngtimers. The wall plates of all types of Opel, his exclusive collection of more than 500 Opel models, where you can read the entire history. But also the company of friends, all with a classic Opel, who share his hobby by taking joint rides along the Frisian coast. 

Opel Monza Coupe

Pieter now has his snow white Opel Monza Coupe owned for four years. This enthusiast's car is special in that it is completely original and unrestored. Pieter knows the previous owner and knows that the car has been pampered like a baby and shows the correct mileage with 100.000. 

Opel in the top segment

The Monza was in the exclusive segment. No large production numbers, which means that the Opel Monza Coupe is now becoming quite rare. His appreciation for the Opel Monza is even more apparent because, in addition to the beautiful coupé from 1985, an earlier type is shining in the garage. This is the A Monza from 1978 with beautiful chrome bumpers. He has owned that car for ten years. 


Pieter: “I am attached to my Monzas. It is a very important part of my leisure activities. They are driven on a limited basis. For me, the timeless radiates from it. I'm already enjoying the sight in my garage, what a play of lines! In fact, it also connects a generation, from my father to me, and no other car has a stronger effect on us than the Opel Monza.” What do you think of Pieters Opel Monzas?

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  1. Yes, nice weather.
    A colleague "decades ago" had a Senator from which the Monza B-series also stems.
    I learned there that you can recognize the six-cylinder by the intake manifold that looks like a bunch of bananas.

  2. Hi I have had a Monza 27 E for 2500 years silver with black stripes and incredible car and real cruiser with real regrets in heart but the LES (prohibition to drive old cars in the cities) has killed us……. .

  3. Very nice to read Pieter that you have such an original copy. I myself bought an original GSE from 84 in 85. It might be nice to meet up when you go on a trip again. Please join. 😉
    Kind regards Steven

  4. My uncle drove a Monza Coupe 3.0 S
    I was still taking lessons, but was allowed to drive his car every now and then. What a driving experience! Just great. And then that beautiful sound of that 6 in line. Still get goosebumps when I think about it.

  5. In 1986 Opel Monza GSE also bought in white with original Recaro sports seats, when I was 30 years old. This was a super Opel and the proceedings were flying around my ears!
    Then every two years other Opel Senators drove, until the model was renewed, I didn't like it, I also started driving V8, until now (I'm 64 years old) in all sizes and manufactures Cadillac, Jeep, Buick, Thunderbird, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Mustang, Stutz, in between some fat Mercedes and BMWs. And Fisker Karma The current most beautiful cars are my Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk with 710 HP, a monster of a car, a Stutz Black Hawk 1971 7 Liter Coupé and a Fisker Karma with 20000 km on the clock

    I would buy back the Opel Monza GSE from then, but I have never been able to find it and can't remember the license plate!
    But good I'm a real Autophile
    Gijs Hilhorst

  6. Yes, really cool, as a teenager I lived in Leidschendam in the Nieuwstraat, and behind us the "Het Motorhuis" (Then Opel dealer" a showroom, which included a Monza and Senator !!! ... Now I was NATURAL as a teenager more interested in the 2 door Monza, then the “old L@LLEN box 4 door Senator” !!!… Who doesn't have a coupe as a TEEN, then a 4 door saloon !?!?… Unfortunately NEVER happened when I turned 18, a GM, but then a Chevy, such a V-8 gave more ”KICK” than an Opel !!!… And because my friends also had a US – GM ”you had to participate !!!… And that's now still in my blood (I think), because at 58 years old STILL a Chevy Suburban V-8 !!!… Oh yes, ever “a blue Monday”' a '72 Opel B-Kadett 1.2. !! !...From 0 -to- 100 to your Retirement!!!...But Bullet Proof NEVER broke, and for maintenance, you could use your toolbox under the hood
    to sit !!! … Could have easily fit a V-8 !!! … Because the “wind tunnel” was just as long as the block !!! …

  7. My Opel has never been able to charm, once an Opel cadet had more misery than good bad handling once had to change the engine and drive shaft.


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