Organization CLASSICSNL looks back with satisfaction on the second edition

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In October 2015, CLASSICSNL - the trade fair for classic cars in Leeuwarden - had an excellent start. High-quality and high-quality commercial offerings and classics for exhibition purposes were excellent starting points for establishing the high-quality image of CLASSICSNL. This year the stock market grew in all areas. The floor space, the number of participants and the ambiance were raised to a higher level. Thousands of people visited the second edition of the exhibition at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden from 28 to 30 October.

"Thorough preparation, successful fair"

"I think we have succeeded in delivering on our promise and ambition," says stock market manager Pieter Fokkema. “We have paid even more attention to the decoration of CLASSICSNL. In addition, together with and thanks to our participants, we have also succeeded in raising the range to a higher level. We also implemented a varied media program in the run-up to the exhibition. We have made promotional videos, spotlighted participants on our website and generated a lot of media exposure. Enthusiasts have picked it up and have come to Leeuwarden in large numbers - and from all over the country. The fact that visitors really took the time to take everything in, indicates that the fair has caught the people. We can look back on a very successful event. "

Beautiful themes, interesting auction

The theme square “100 year BMW” gave CLASSICSNL a cachet. A clear stand with important and special models from the history of BMW attracted a lot of interest. And that also applied to the beautiful stands of the professional old-timer companies, private individuals, clubs and industry-related organizations. The theme square "assistance from the past years" also attracted a lot of attention. The heart of the square was the 70 anniversary of the ANWB Wegenwacht. The engines and beautiful Citroëns of the Yellow Brigade were presented in a historic setting with lots of images. Furthermore, a number of stands were real eye-catchers, which eventually merged into a beautiful whole. The Oldtimer auction - by CLASSICSNL in collaboration with - also attracted considerable attention. 35 cars changed ownership. Candidates could already bid online in advance.

Connection provides added value

Even more than during the debut edition it became clear that the field of participants managed to find each other perfectly. It resulted in connection and excellent collaboration. Participants with different backgrounds were able to combine their professional fields and actually translate them commercially. This business to business component indicates that the CLASSICSNL concept works well. Various participants were also allowed to place a "sold" sign on a number of the classics offered.

CLASSICSNL establishes name definitively

CLASSICSNL grew in every respect. And the 2016 edition of CLASSICSNL was successful in every respect. Pieter Fokkema concludes: “Last year we mainly sowed with this fair. Our entrance made within the world of classic fairs. This year we have permanently established our name within this world. We are therefore proud of the fact that all preparations for and all components of CLASSICSNL came together beautifully in the last weekend of October. And resulted in a fair that we can not only be proud of, but that also offers fresh starting points for the 2017 edition. Because it is absolutely certain that we want to continue in this way. "


Images: Erik van Putten

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  1. Without a doubt a nice fair. But if you want to present a really high level, you will have to rise above the Duck level. More classic gems from the higher price range.
    The best thing is a balanced division of accessible cars such as BMWs, Jaguar's, Fiatjes and the top level class of a Mercedes 540 K, Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 or Daytona, Mercedes 300 SL.
    Take the Classic Days Schloss Dyck as an example, which is so beautifully applied

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